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Lost my R2 mini on Circle C yesterday. White with a blue "R2" on it; Houck made these when he'd just opened the late great Circle R2 ranch in San Saba, which was my fave course ever. Please let me know if you found it, it has major sentimental value.
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I lost a disc (cool orange Vibram Trak) about a month ago while playing a round with my 2.5yo son. On #17 at Highlands of Conway I threw a really nice drive that nicked a tree, changing its course by about 35 degrees to the left. I watched it miss every other freaking tree in the forest and careen downhill into a slightly swampy area. OK, should be find-able. As we are walking to look for it, my son says "Dad, I have a poopy!"

Since I drive by the course at least twice a day, I figure screw it, I'll take the kid off course and deal with him and come back another day and look for it. Life being what it is, I just haven't had time to get over and look for it. Every morning when we drive by, my son asks me "Daddy, you find your disc yet?".

Earlier this week, I get an email from a guy, he found the disc. I tell him the story, and how happy I will be to tell my son I got the disc back. We met up today so I could get it. Since I work for a brewery, I rewarded him with some of our Porter (which the guy says is his favorite), and one of these:

I get to make my son happy, thank the guy for seeking me out, and promote the brewery at the same time. What's not to like?
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Brutal day - I had only lost 2 discs in my entire career, until I lost 2 more today. Wild wind drove my old DX Beast and DX Teebird out into the bottom of the lake. I threw my Ascent into the lake too, but was able to pull that one out.
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Lost two discs yesterday to the lovely fall leaves at Campgaw . Lost my fav prodigy m3 proto on hole 2. It's gotta be somewhere under leaves but I couldn't find it haha .

Than comes hole 17. Downhill throwing my blue star tl. Kept it a little too high hit a branch that made some leaves fall and that distracted me from seeing where the disc even went .

Oh well! I got a new m3 and f7 in the mail Friday so that balances it out
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Haven't lost a disc all season then I went to a crapfest course this weekend.

Lost brinster tb 172g, gl saint 169g, z flick 164g all on same hole. What kills me is it was my white flick, white saint those are hard to get at 160's.

Its a man made lake so unless I brought scuba gear i'm fkd.

Threw a spike hyzer on a downhill to mimic the terrain, then wind lifted it up and over like a kite. Never seen wind kill a disc so hard ever. To make it worse, throwing for double circle 6 my putt hit dead center through the chains hit the nubs and then rolled into the water OB.

Took a fkn 9 on 2 hole red basket,prompton park, pa course id=1

I haven't done anything that bad in 3 years.
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Accidently left behind my brand new f7 today at waterworks, would love to have it back if anybody found it. No name or number since I just bought it yesterday.
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I lost my 05 C Roc this summer at Cedar Hills in Raleigh. What I wouldn't give to have that thing back. Yellow with a red double stamp J-Bird with a ghosty Winthrop USDGC stamp on the bottom layer. It was an X out, but it was my baby.
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Originally Posted by pfpro View Post
Lost my custom dyed firebird today..... Renaissance #18 - in the ravine. Spent about 30 minutes combing the underbrush, but no luck

Hopefully it gets returned.

Good Soldier MIA
Disc returned

Thanks to T A from York, SC!
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Lost my green Prodigy D4 at #11 at Bradford. That's the second disc I've lost to those stupid trees. Grip locked it and it sailed off to the sea of cedars to the right. Looked for a long time but it's like a needly in a haystack.

I hate that hole.

The first disc I ever bought and the first disc I ever lost was an orange Avenger SS. It's probably still in that clusterf*$k of trees on #11.
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The first disc I bought in a premium plastic and I lost it.
That was nearly 7 months ago, I hope whoever found it enjoys it at least.
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