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Goodbye Nuke, my old friend... A helluva drive that just flipped over and never turned back, floating down ever so gently into the pond such that the air bubble trapped under the dome kept it afloat. Wellspring #17.
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Found a limited edition (#21 of 50) Mt Airy Centennial (Inaugural PDGA Global Tournament) Buzzz in the dried mud at the Surge course at Cincinnati State today. That was the good news.

The bad news was having to leave a message for 'Mack' (he had full # and area code on the back) to let him know that his disc appears to have been out there all year after a likely encounter with a lawnmower, which the disc lost. Badly.

I'll get it back to him if he wants it, but it's in pretty sad shape.
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Lost a nice purple Champ ape at Bryant lake, tried a tommy out of the trees on the left side of 9's fairway, and it went all the way across and down the hill.

Has my number on it. maybe it will come back.
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Found an opto bolt between hole 9 and 14 tonight at elm creek. Send me a pm with the color and the phone number listed on the rim (tried texting/calling it tonight).
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My wife lost a green Wraith at Lower Cato Falls in Reedsville WI this weekend. She tried a forehand shot when it was ill-advised and went wildly left and short on hole #6.
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got back TWO roadrunners i had lost at Lake Montebello - one i lost on hole 8, the other i left as an extra shot. both were returned to the L&F bin at Druid Hill - thank you anonymous disc finders!
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So, my most problematic local water carry is #9 @ "The Scrapyard." I've dropped about 1/2 of all my lost discs ever into the pond on this hole.

Lately, I've taken to putting this super-beef glideless TeeDevil in the bag when I play there, and throwing it on this hole, even though it's nothing like the right disc for the shot, basically trying to lose this thing...and it keeps staying dry. Maybe it's a lesson, I don't really try to get it close, just throw it "over there" and take a par or bogey. It's like, this disc I can't really abide, I just can't lose it.

So Saturday, at long last, it caught a tree and dropped into the drink. It was 3 feet from the shore, so I half-heartedly went at it with stick, but it was mudded in and hard to get at (the bank is steep,) there was a guy behind me, and I didn't really want the disc, so I left it.

Then, on my second round, there's a couple of younger guys in the water fishing out discs, and as I walk past them they have the TeeDevil in their hand...lol. It's like one of the old cartoons, where I lock it in a chest, chain up the chest, encase it in concrete, drive 400 miles to the ocean, take a boat out to the marianas trench, drop it in...then arrive back at home and it's sitting on the table. Just can't lose it.

I let the guys keep it, sense they went to the risk of swimming in the petri-dish pond.
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"Lost" my purple 168g gstar sidewinder at Brengle Terrace on 6-21-14. Actually, I found it on the other side of a fence, but beforehand I hiked for an hour looking for it. And played a round before that. So even though I knew exactly where it was, I was too tired to hop the fence.

Came back 2 days later and it's gone of course. No call back. Whoever has my disc, I'd appreciate the return.

Note to self, never throw something this flippy downhill at a Right to Left crosswind. I even hyzer flipped it too, but I think too much wind caught the bottom of the disc and sent it flippin hard.
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Dropped my 1st ever tbird into the drink this week while traveling to south carolina. Tight gap off the tree forces you to throw a turnover or anny with trees on the pond edge and the pond guarding the left. Threw a nice anny line just a bit over the pond and it was fading back ever so reliably and looked perfect.....until it just caught the last branch over the water and it knocked it straight in. GAH. If it missed that branch it was parked....and now its gone. The "don't feed the gator" signs kept me from going in after it. Only an $8 DX disc...but it'll be missed.

I also managed to bury my bandit deep into a pond as well at trophy lakes. Gah - more wind than I anticipated and it turned more than I wanted and didn't come back enough. Oh well. Its funny - that disc is 2x as expensive, but I don't care nearly as much. I liked the disc just fine, but since we didn't have that time together to bond I don't mind so much.
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Playing hole 8 at my local course and found a Nuke, looked around and saw no one ahead of me or looking for it, no name, number or anything on the disc so I played 9 still looking for someone and finally saw someone walking back to the parking lot. Asked if they lost a disc on 8 and they said white nuke so he got his disc and hopefully I get good kharma. Got 6 out of water with no name or number recently, had all kinds of kids asking what I found. I said you identify it without playing the guessing game and it is yours.
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