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Lost my favorite disc in the pond at Blackhawk about a month ago. Two weeks back, got a call from a guy saying he found my disc while hunting for his. Didn't leave his name or number, but I returned the call three times via caller ID and left multiple messages. Still hasn't called me back. What's funny is that I just wanted to thank him for finding it, pay him for shipping plus a tip, or just let him keep it.
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Lost my third disc ever, and second in a week yesterday.

I suffered a neck strain while playing and tried to keep playing through it, tossed my brand new Opto Diamond in the creek on #17 at Will Rogers park. Its very shallow, but has some weird bushes growing on the botttom, making it nearly impossible to find a disc.
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Lost my bar stamped 3yr Z-Buzzz at Goat Hill in Oceanside on July 3rd during a practice round (has name & number on it). I used it for an upshot on hole 12, landed 15ft from basket and made the putt for par. I don't recall leaving the disc, but it wasn't until I was on hole 15 the disc was not in my bag.

I went back to hole 12 and it wasn't there. There were only three groups behind us, an older couple playing golf, 6 guys I know really well that didn't see it, and I know they would of picked it up and give to me if they saw it. There was another group of disc golfers, young teens, and I asked them point blank if they found it or saw it, but it seemed there were straight forward and said no.

The only other possibility was that when we were driving in our golf cart between hole 12 and 15, that the disc jumped out of my bag and fell down a hill. I searched three times back and forth with no luck. The next day was our C-tier event with 100 players and no one found it.

So, no happy ending here. Well, I guess the good news is that I replaced with this 2nd First Run Buzzz that should be arriving in the mail tomorrow:

(btw, why can't I post the pic to be displayed here? I used the link from facebook.)
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Found two discs yesterday, no name on either, both brand new, just laying right off the fairway. Sweet.
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Lost my beat purple w/white stars flx buzzz at Mary Beth Doyle #18 in Ann Arbor, MI yesterday... somewhere left of the pin. Hope it gets back to me, I dyed it myself, and it was my go-to midrange... My bag is in shambles right now due to lost discs, it's been a bad summer.
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Lost a River in a river today. There has been a lot of talk about humidity and its effect on flight paths and I'd say its definitely a real phenomenon; I just wish it didn't take me 5 holes to figure out why all my understable discs where crashing and burning.
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Lost my first run esp force at Mont du Lac Thursday. Had it beat just right, and all of the new Forces are more stable. Was on a wide open hole (#15?), caught a breeze, and just flipped straight down under some mowed tall grass. Looked forever. Lake Superior open was the next three days after I lost it, so I was kind of hopeful...
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I lost my only pink pearly Orc in the pond on hole #20 at Arboretum-Spiker in Canton.

Let it out of my hand a little to early and it clipped the bottom branch of the pine tree and ended up in the water. It's not too far out there, it's in the end of the pond closest to the pine tree/short teepad:


I've recently had a surgical procedure on my left leg and it's not completely healed yet so going in after it was a no-go for me, and probably will be for some time.

That was my workhorse driver and I'm really bummed I had such a poor throw with it yesterday. (I was playing like garbage all morning...the thought crossed my mind to just get in my car and leave as I was crossing the parking lot to get to this tee...I guess I should have!)

At any rate, I know there are some local folks who like to go disc fishing/swimming. If someone could return this to me, I'd pay a handsome cash reward.

It's not my only pearly Orc, but it was my favorite one! I'd even let you choose a pearly Orc from my collection if that appealed to you more than $$.

It has my name and number on the back.

Here's hoping my returned disc karma I've been banking pays me back!
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I lost 2 disc in Polliwog of all place's lol what a shame.....
Champ sidewinder-Flx avenger ss i did get a x-comet out of it i guess.
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This weekend I found 3 discs. One with a name and number and the other 2 with nothing. (Every time I went in to find my disc I seemed to come out with 2). I call the number and the mailbox is full. He calls me back and says that it might be his (after I told him his name is on it) and he'd save my number. He says if he doesn't call me back I can just keep it. Sooooo how long would you guys say is reasonable to think he's not calling back. This was yesterday FYI.
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