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A little over a month ago I lost my favorite driver, a 175g blue first run Boss. I searched for over an hour and had to give it up because it was getting dark. I had spent over 2 years seasoning that disc into the longest straightest flyer in my bag and did not want to give up on it. By the time I got back home, I was bleeding from both legs and one arm from all the briars I had waded through. Heartbroken, bloodied, and feeling completely defeated, I told myself that it was gone forever.

Until last week, when I got a call. A guy recognized my name on the disc from one of our bagtag leagues. I met him at the course yesterday and as a token of my appreciation; I gave him a few things.

1.) A Feldberg edition champ Boss signed by the man himself
2.) A champ Destroyer(I saw on the guys page that the Destroyer was his favorite disc)
3.) Fresh tomatoes out of the garden.

I'm not rich, but I wanted to make sure he understood how much I appreciated him being a stand up guy. Do the right thing guys. Return what you find, and if someone returns something meaningful to you, make sure you show them that you appreciate it. We need more good in this world. Do your part, and sow some seeds...
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I lost my Z comet on hole 5 at plamann yesterday... bummer because it was my go-to mid. At least now I have the excuse to get a few new discs: a pain, heavier Z comet, and an X comet.
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I lost my favorite driver, a Polaris LS at Parkside a coupe days ago. I was golfing solo and threw a big tomahawk on hole 11. I saw it bounce on the edge of the fairway and land in some brush. I get up there and I can't find it anywhere. Searched through the brush and brambles for a good 45 minutes before giving up. I went with a group of 5 later in the day and we all searched for another half hour to no avail.

I figure it was just time for it to go. I had almost lost it in the brush on hole 4, but found it after about 20 minutes, and on holes 6 and 9 I just left it lying on the ground when I took my upshot and had to go back for it.

I guess it all worked out when a friend returned a near-new Destroyer I had given him on a long term loan after he got his own to replace it.
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I found a Millennium Polaris LS at Shady Oaks in Streamwood the other day. Name on the bottom is Matt and only a few digits of the number are still visible (630 area code). Matt if you want your disc contact me.
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Just lost my second Leopard within a month yesterday. Star Leopard (orange). It's kind of a bummer as I just bought it and haven't really had much throw time with it.

Hole 6 - Crestmont Park - Bloomington, IN
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Lost a comet on a very tight wooded hole. (8 Portland Park, Chattanooga, TN). Its a downhill anhyzer from wooded for the first 100' into a field for the next 100' or so. Kicked off of a tree to the right and never saw it come down.

I was just getting the hang of that thing, working out some OAT with it. Worst part is that its bright freaking yellow with one of my first dyes I did and liked on it. If you see it around...

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Default Wickham Park in Manchester, CT/Lost Stingray

A week and a half ago, driving back to WV from ME got to play Wickham Park. I really enjoyed the course, except for losing my perfectly broken in Red/Pink Star Stingray on Hole #1. My drive was fine near the road and IB. But my approach went too far to the right, over the bushes at the fence line, and into the nasty, thick stuff on the other side of the fence. I was on limited time as we had to make it back to Hershey, PA before it got late and so I only got to look for it for about 15 minutes before I had to move on.

Anyway, I really enjoyed the course. If anyone else happens to find themselves in the ugly stuff to the right of pin #1, and you run across the disc, I would greatly appreciate getting it back. Thanks for humoring me.
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lost my new to me 11x firebird on my second throw at cedar hills in raleigh hole 4 i hit my line but the disc rolled past the hole and to the left, i almost made my tricky putt and i guess i didn't pick it up

the group of four behind me was suddenly nowhere to be found when i backtracked

no name or number but very distinctive coloring
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Lost my ESP Buzzz yesterday. Made the most retarded throw possible straight into a big swampy pond on private property. Had it for almost 2 years.

Found another one online that's the same color disc and stamp. I sure hope it's flat. Fingers crossed...
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Originally Posted by deadbody View Post
Purple Star Eagle with the stamp wiped. Older mold with SEX on the back. Hole 8 at Plymouth creek, crossed the stream, knew about where it landed. The wife and I spent 20 mins looking and couldn't find it.

Sad Panda. Has name and number maybe it will come back.
Got out my bag Friday afternoon, realized I think I left my Ace Race Hornet at the same course on hole 12. That was the last time I threw it, and it's not in the bag anymore.

That day sucked. No call on either disc. Both have my name and number on the back in huge letters.
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