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Found this today on the soccer field at Pratt Park on the walk back to my truck. No Ink...

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Playing yesterday at Mathews Park in Monroe, Ga I threw my 1st run Axis on hole #12. Kissed off of a couple of trees, flew down pretty straight. My buddy and I look for well over 30 minutes, and I had just given up...nowhere to be found!
As I take my penalty shot stroke and walk to where it landed, I look over and see my Axis! It had landed @ 50' feet from where we SAW it land.

Sorry, not a lost disc story per se, just frustrating as h%$l!!
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I got a lemontana the first few days after they're became available. It was in my bag and thrown daily since then. Lost it in a creek about a month ago. Just got a call from a guy that said his dog found my frisbee. It was at rocklin dgc which is about 60 miles away. Anyways he's holding onto it for me till next time I go play there. His dog said he wants treats as a trade for my disc. Im going to get him some biscuits and jerky. Going to be very happy to get my baby back.
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Lost my brand spankin new Goldline Striker in the drink on hole 10 at bearcreek! oh well, disc rats will find it and ill throw em a couple bones for a finders fee.
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Originally Posted by GulfCoastGolfer View Post
Lost my beat up Omega Super Soft in a dark pit of dirty water yesterday. I need a great putter to help my confidence. Should I replace with another Omega Super Soft? Soft Ion? Wizard?
Get a Magic

Found a Rainbow Fly Dye champion Orc yesterday with no ink at Simmsbury in Picktown.
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Bad day today. Lost two....Opto River and an ESP Surge. Name and number in both, but I'd be surprised if they came back.
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Default Bye Bye Groove

Was playing in Garland Texas at BB Owens course, number 5 hole. Tried a Hizer shot to a pin that was hidden by poison ivy ladden trees. Walked to the pin but did not see my disc. Went to the nearby creek and low and behold saw my Groove, upside down and floating, thats right, floating down stream. By the time my old butt made it to the turn in the creek my disc was gone. 2 months later I was at the local Play it Again Sports buying a new disc and a 8 or 9 y/o kid came in with his dad. He laid a disc on the table to sell back to the store. The cashier picked up the disc and I saw what I thought was my signature design on the bottom of the Groove that he was turning in. The cashier gave him a dollar for the disc which he thought was really cool. I stopped him and his father outside and asked them where he found the disc. He was at the local lake with some friends and saw a yellow disc in 3 or so feet of water at the mouth of a creek. He went in a got it. He looked up the disc on line and found that it was a DG disc. He and his friends tried to use it as a frisbee for a couple of days and it would not fly so he asked his dad if he could try to sell it on EBAY. (Free Enterprise at its best) His dad said a "dope smoking" friend of his said he could sell it to the Play it Again store. I went into the store and bought my disc back and bought the kid a 25 dollar gift card to purchase some beginner discs. Crazy luck. Now his kid is probably a "dope smoking" DG player.....
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Default My first water hazard experience

I lost a chamipon Xcaliber coming up right on a hyzer bomb, the really sad part is the very next throw, for par mind you i lost my star aviar right back into the pond. The humiliating part is me and my buddy were playing a circut betting disc for what we deemed the "northern tournament" Starting in ferndale, ending in bellingham, it messed with my game all day. Lets just say i lost a disc in the gamble...a good one too....:
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Default Lost and Found

Disc Nation in Austin will take found disc and if your number is on the disc they will contact you. I guess it all depends on how honest the person is who finds your lost disc. It's good karma.
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I found a Red Surge ESP FLX at Camp Sankanac about 3 weeks ago. Called the number inked on the back and left a message. No return call as of yet. Broken in nicely too, sweet disc.
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