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stuck in the woods, left side of fairway w/ a ways to go. threw my lovely firebird that has saved my ass so many times in the same position. threw it FH w a ton of anhyzer like I always do, but alas, i gave it too much and it turned into a roller hauling ass through the woods on its edge. it was light green, so are all the bushes. 20 min looking and i gave up i hear the ones from the new run are good so oh well.
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I lost a well seasoned tbird plus at ephram white during the BG ams, got a call about it today and looks like it will be coming home. Oddly the guy that found it found it on the soccer field while doing some field work which means someone else had already found it and launched it over there. On another note, in all the years i have been playing I have called on any disc i have found but until today I had never had a call back on a disc i had lost...thanks drew thompson!
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Originally Posted by Magshad View Post
Lost a Tie Dye Champion Sidewinder on hole #8 at Okeeheelee Park in Green Acres, Fl. on sunday. It got swallowed by an small isolated group of bushes & fan tail palms. Thought it would be so easy to find it since the bushes although being pretty thick they were small and isolated, but I dug thru them for about an hour then went back later in the day and looked for about another 45minutes with no luck. It's a little unnerving digging thru the thick brush cause worried about coral snakes and water moccosins(brush is about 20-30 feet from a swampy marsh. Had that disc for about 6 years and was pretty attached to it otherwise I wouldn't care. Anyhow, I'll be looking in those bushes every round i play there for the next few months.
Third time back to try and find my lost sidewinder in the brush and finally success!!! Found it after looking for only about 2 minutes this afternoon
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I have two mysterious disc disappearances.
1) Playing Flyboy by myself for the first time, still a noob, throw my brand new z nuke on a forehand on hole...13 I believe. I kicked off a tree and shot to the left never to be found again. I searched for a good hour and a half no luck but also no big lose. Years ago.

2) A few months ago, I was playing at University of West Georgia's "course" and somehow left my Star Xout SL on the course. just somewhere but I have no idea where. I have searched many many times since, but I am convinced it is just plain gone. I did find a beat up dx teebird though...

All had my name and number on them but most people out here don't call.
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I lost the Glow Champ Firebird in the top left corner of this pic at Seatac last week. So if any of the Seattleites on here happen to see it around, it's mine. I doubt that there's many others around there just like it.

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i lost a 163 11x Eagle - L in the start of the year.
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about a month or so ago i threw a valk.i noticed there were people on bikes comming at meshanked it......it diddent go far at all..saw where it landed and everything AND THE THING IS BRIGHT ORANGE...looked for it all day and the next day and for the life of me it did not turn up..hopfully karma comes into play here and i get it back..
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Had the worst throwing day of my life at Forked Run in Ohio the other day. I've never lost more than one disc in a day before (and had all but one of those returned to me). But the other day I lost 3 of my favorite throwers deep in the poison ivy. My pearly orc I shanked way into the woods off the long teepad - gone. My teebird - hooked it left into the lake on the side of the dam. My goblin - caught too much air off the elevated teepad and sailed into the poison ivy on me. Very sad day. I need backups
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I recently lost two discs in the water at Pleasant Hill DGC. The first was a champ Archon on hole 9 and the second was a DX Eagle on hole 12. Both were my main distance drivers at the time and I was in the middle of a very competitive game that I lost by 1 stroke with a -13 (it's an easy course).
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Lost my Blue z surge with The Tick dyed on it at Adair (Oregon) a week ago. I got that disc on the MP here, and I love that disc! A guy on a local forum gave me the guy's number who picked it up.

I called him and he said he didn't remember picking it up. Then he calls back and said he did grab it but it didn't have my name on it so he gave it to someone else. I'm pretty sure it did, and I'm wondering if it didn't get returned becuase i inked off the guy's name i bought it from. The guy sure sounded like he felt bad. He was nice enough just a little scatterbrained. Anyways, I don't think I'm getting it back. Bummer, it was a cool dye.
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