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Well I found my yellow star Wraith......at PIAS!! Yesterday I returned a star Xcaliber to a stranger, didn't take any money for it. And today I wander into my local PIAS to find my Wraith in the used bin. The PIAS was cool and only charged me what they bought it for ($5), but it was still a bummer to have to buy my own disc back. Oh well, thems the breaks.....
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Lost my go to westside king at souix passage park in florissant mo at hole 5 sad day it was about 2 weeks ago.....
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Yesterday afternoon I had my favorite Magic putter hit a tree and roll into a wasteland of ferns down a hill behind the basket ~ we looked for about 15 minutes and found it along with a champion Eagle I had lost in the same area 3 months ago ~ it was buried deep under the dead fronds a big fern ~ It's feels good to get an old friend back
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Lost a super flat blue old x out roc that I absolutely love in a super thick thorny area of woods so after 15 minutes of lookin in shorts and a tshirt I decided the cuts were not worth it. So upon leavin I went to a nearby gas station and got a sweet super gummy 150 teebird and a new 175 pink and white pro roc that is pretty domey. Then the next day me and my brother go to that same course to play a round and it's a little cooler out and I'm wearing pants and a hoodie, so when we get to the hole where I lost the disc I said screw it and went in to the woods. 10 minutes later I burst out of the woods disc in hand and it was pretty epic. That made it a great day.
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lost an ESP Zone the other day at flip. This year I have lost an 11x Champ Eagle-L, Champ Bansee, DX DGCR Roc, and an ESP zone.
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Talking Found!

My faith in humanity is restored by a good Samaritan (J-FO), who found both discs I described lost at Idlewild on Wednesday. We've arranged a return
THANK YOU disc golf community!
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My black esp surge has been missing for like two months. Couldn't remember losing it, but couldn't find it anywhere. I'd assumed I'd left it somewhere playing urban. Well today I find a box full of newspapers and found one with an article on a buddy who was killed in action in Afghanistan. I flip through the article and my surge falls out of the newspaper. No clue how it came to be there, but glad it's back in my bag.
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My buddy lost his custom #1 driver on #9 at marys river park in philomath OR. I saw a pretty dayglo yellow disc while looking for it and got excited. It turned out to be an epic. Crap. Had a number on it and i left a message. Although he may thank me in the long run if i chuck it in the river.
never did find my buddys disc.
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I lost C-line PD yesterday, and S-line PD today at Tuttle creek state park in Manhattan, KS. PD just left me two-days in a row. S-PD was yellow and when I was looking for it in a small creek, I found a yellow color disc and almost raised a cry of triumph!! but it's not mine but someone's star teerex. I called him and will pass it to him tomorrow. I'm now both unhappy and happy.
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Got ANOTHER disc stolen today...threw my tee shot in some trees, took my shot out (big anny shot with my trusty Drone) had it right by the basket (10-20ft). Go to help my friend find his, go back to hole out and it's GONE. All ive got to say is some people should cease to exist, friggin douche bag chuckers. Pissed me off, second one ive had stolen on this course, my friend got one stolen (watched the guy take it) on the same hole from pretty much the same place.
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