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Default Sidearm/Forehand vs. Opposite Hand

I've decided to finally try and learn the sidearm/forehand throw to help out with the holes that dogleg right. I was messing around in a field yesterday and decided to try throwing lefty rather than sidearm to see how that went. Surprisingly enough, I didn't find it too difficult and was more consistent. I probably looked incredibly awkward throwing but hey, it was my first time trying.

Does anyone else go lefty rather than sidearm? Seems you'd get the same desired flight using either technique.
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I am trying to learn LHBH as I practice mids playing catch with my son. It's a bit awkward, but not nearly as much as I would have thought. I use forehand drives when appropriate, but LHBH seems like a usefull skill to keep working on.
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I play with a few guys that can throw it as far left handed as they can right handed. Some of them just do it for fun but if you ask them about it alot of guys do it because they injured their right hand sometime in the past. If I didn't already flick I would definitely learn to throw lefty.
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I saw my doubles partner switch to lefty a few holes last week and was very good although he did look a bit awkward. He is a pro though. I haven't been able to play around lefty cause my left wrist is injured, but I tried it before that and was horrible, although I didn't have correct form then. I used to throw everything forehand, but my backhand has improved so much the last month that I'm now preferring most holes backhand. Actually I'm struggling with my forehand now and not sure why I'm having problems with it now, I guess I've practiced backhand so much recently, I've forgot my forehand form. Hope my left wrist gets better soon, so I can try lefty again now my form is better.
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I think it's important to learn both if you can. I had surgery on my left arm years ago, and it just doesn't want to learn to play. I would learn if I had to, but it isn't going to happen naturally.

However, having a forehand opens up a lot of options that don't exist with a lefty backhand. Not as much off the teebox, but it's huge off the fairway. A flick can be thrown in much less space and from a lot of weird lies -- far moreso than a backhand with either hand. So when you are in the woods and off the fairway, a flick is vital to improving your long term scores -- even if you can't throw a flick more than 150-200', it will shave all sorts of strokes off your game when you are playing tightly wooded courses.

From the teebox, however, a lefty backhand and a righty flick are virtually identical. If that's what feels good for drives, then do it.

I play occasionally with Tom Kim, a pro who can throw over 400' consistently backhand with either arm. It's sick to watch.

But yeah -- don't give up learning a flick. It will save you. Often. Especially the little high-release flick anhyzer. 200' of gap slicing beauty.
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Since I have hurt my elbow i have been pondering the thought of learning LHBH. I have heard many stories of people who have changed arms because of injury so it is possible. It seems if you can throw both ways you would definitely have an advantage.
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people who learn to throw with their "off" hand often wind up with better form with that hand than with their dominant one- since you already know what to do to some degree it is easier to avoid learning bad habits.
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I think you need to learn both ways with both hands....Why not?
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i throw LHBH and it is mirror opposite of my friends RHBH and my LHFA, that is when i can throw it proper.
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I cant do anything with my left hand! Its just there for balance. I do however throw both Bh and FA depending on the shot. Im just as comfortable with either one and is a big help when backhand just wont cut it. If I could I would try to learn how to throw lefty. I might want to start by learning how to write my name lefty and see how that goes! LOL
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