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It does need to be stated that for all the hubbub me make about people toking up on the courses, by far the most abused "drug" out there is the liquid barley variety. Since a great deal of cities have no alcohol policies in their public parks, this too is a blemish on our sport, particularly when players leave traces of their misdeeds behind in the form of litter.

On a personal level, I have no problem with either intoxicant of choice, but the people who may be a deciding factor on our next course going in, or our existing ones staying in probably do.
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The other day I played a round at my local course, but unfortunately my round was negatively affected by drug users. Funny thing is, it wasnt the group blazing weed at hole 4 that upset me, it was the broken beer bottle spread out across hole #5's tee, left by some drunk alcohol abusers that were no where to be seen. (never gonna play bare foot there again!!)

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I've always found people who drink on the course to cause more grief and issues than people who are smoking weed. My local course is littered with broken bottles and cans, even though there is a trash can at least every two holes. Vandalism, at least as far as I've seen, is also primarily caused by the drinkers. As far as I'm concerned people can do what ever they want while they play as long as it doesn't affect other players. From my experience stoners just play more slowly, which isn't an issue if you ask to play through. However, the drunk guy carrying around a sign he pulled from the ground is something I'll take issue with.

From the original post, yes, these people were idiots. It just bothers me that people will base their opinions of all stoners on something like this. From my experience, most stoners at the course respect others and the outdoors enough to not be a problem.
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Thumbs up Agreed

I would certianly agree to that fact that those who drink can be a problem, especially when it comes to trash disposal. Perhaps another reason to got to "pay to play" courses to cut out certian undesirables.
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herb is the only medicine ive found (and ive taken a few )that actually helps my o.c.d. and agoraphobia and also without the horrible side effects so without it i would probally never play and just stay in the house and not work get on welfare but instead i go to work, pay taxes, teach noobs about the game. if it was legal i would smoke without a care of where i was at because i dont see it as just gettin high, we have also been undercovered where i play because of some skateboarders or skateboard posers smoking openly on the course but they walked over from the skatepark so i wouldnt be suprised if that situation ur talkin about was not dg related too
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Default Hello again

I have also noticed that most course vandalism is a direct result of either: Youth angst, too much booze, lack of education.... not usually the people smoking marijuana who don't fit these criteria.

As far as the slow playing goes... most "pro" players take their time before their shots to first visualize their shot, perform necessary muscle reminder routines, and then execute their shot. If you want to be in a rush, even when you aren't at work, please feel free to play through. Here in Austin, most people let you play through if you are playing faster than they are. It is not dog eat dog... it is dog help dog.

I don't have to smoke marijuana to have a great time playing golf. I love the game. i know many other "stoners" who feel the same way. I do choose to partake on occasion and it seems to help me slow down my mechanics, really think about my line, feel the shot and execute. If I can do all 4 of those things, I usually am within feet of the basket.

Marijuana has been scientifically proven to slow our perception of time... It's kinda nice to be able to escape the RAT-race sometimes and enjoy life. Last time I checked I could have sworn we were homo-sapiens. Don't we call ourselves human BEings? Maybe we need to start calling ourselves human DOings....... if we can't slow down and enjoy life and this miracle of a planet we live on.

I would like to see many more "eco-courses" erected. By this, I mean..... using the natural lay of the land as much as possible to limit local ecosystem destruction... baskets made locally by welders that could be customized for each course (and/or sponsorship) Recycling bins throughout the course, disc return drop boxes, plenty of signs to help direct traffic, multiple pin placements to help alleviate over use of the land. Everyone do themselves a favor and on your next disc golf trip..... Visit Portand, OR They have the cleanest, most well respected and friendlist golfers whom are more than willing to show a virgin around any course, plus everything I just listed above (I didn't see any custom baskets... but I only got to pay a couple courses) Amazing city doing it right.... LISTEN AND LEARN AUSTIN, TX!!!!!!!
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Linking the boorish behavior of those kids to their pot-smoking is ridiculous, although it will make for a fairly sensational argument against the course. I'd find out if they were listening to Marilyn Manson, or a more recent musical bogeyman, and try to pin it on him.
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It's illegal - enough said! I personally don't really care, but if you're playing with me, I would expect a simple request if I cared, and don't get pissed off when I say no as long as I can play ahead and you wait.....
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My theory is if you're gonna do it be responsible. A lot of disc golf courses are in parks where drinking and drugs aren't allowed. If the sign at the park says "No Dogs" you'd probably get pissed if someone was walking a dog around. So if the sign says "No drinking or drugs" obey the damn rules. You can enjoy the game without being stoned...trust me. I have nothing against people who smoke, I used to do it a good bit myself. If people see disc golfers as "kids who go get stoned and throw a frisbee around" how do you expect the sport to grow?
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Default Here We Went Again

I can't believe we're actually talking about this again.
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