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I got one in a players pack a few years ago. They have a ton of glide, kinda like the river almost. But a bit slower. Very nose angle forgiving. I can see someone with nose angle issues, but fairly smooth form throw one for 300' internet D and not throw a teebird much further.
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I have a first run kite if you want it... I'll sell it to your for 10 bucks, and I'll ship it for you.
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My wife liked kites until she learned how to really throw. She now likes PDs, Visions, Sidewinders, Leos etc.

She was thinking of trying one again for turnovers though.
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Im no Kite fan, but I believe this guy. There was a guy who regularly played my local course about two years ago who threw his kite for his furthest distance; i distinctly remember him getting it around 315' on a big hyzer. Thing is he also had an eagle that he had trouble getting 280'. I didnt know enough about form or discs at the time to realize how bizarre it was.
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Originally Posted by lokirising View Post
The one I threw was a Star Kite. Ugh!
He loves him a Star Kite. I tried throwing a Skeeter but just could'nt "get it". If I cant do it with a Comet then I cant do it at all.....
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No such thing as a truly bad disc, but some are just "unique" and will only work for a small few.

I had a Kite for a while, and what I can say is it is not nose angle sensitive at all, and could be hyzer-fipped for a long ways. ANy kind of wind though; and god knows where its going.

I beleive the guy. Im betting he just doesnt have the actual arm speed for the Teebird, but enough snap to get some spin on that Kite and it will glide a long ways.
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The Kite is like a Wolf in that most players will find it too flippy to be useful for anything but rollers, but every now and then I run into a Wolf savant who can throw the thing on a dime anywhere he wants to and beats me like a red-headed step child. I have not come across someone using a Kite like that, but I can see it happening. For low-power players or old Frisbee-type players who learned to play throwing flippy lids those discs could be the ticket. I can think of three guys in particular that I know that could probably take out 75% of this board rocking a Sonic/Wolf/Kite bag.

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I think because its a new Star a little bit heavier than what I like to throw, and my week arm makes it more stable for me. I'll have to wait and see after it breaks in a bit if it gets flippy, which wont take too long cause i'll be throwing this on almost every hole. For now, its my new goto disc. Wish I tried this disc when I started playing two years ago, could have saved about $200. Really love that new R-pro Polecat also, them two disc will cover about 90% of my game. I just got my bag complete with 9 really good disc, and now I might just go with two (Kite & Polecat) lol.
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I had a Kite but it was 175 i think. I let my buddy use it for a round as I found it to do nothing different then normal mids I had, so I just put it in my back bag, He loved it. he was using it for a whole round (I mean it was a small throw and putt style place longest hole 250ish) but He loved it. some people do like it.
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