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Originally Posted by steve View Post
so ive had a few experiences heurting my back driving, ive always felt the pain in the lower right part of my back. after a lot of thought i found that it was because i didnt quite follow through w the left side of my body completely, i would just kinda stop halfway and my back would be left to absorb all that torque! try to maybe chase the disc w your left hand as u release it, this will make the left side of your body follow thru better. i started being more concious of my follow through and immediately on the first throw i felt much less pain! and wouldnt u know it? i was throwin further as well! hope this helps!
Yes, the lower back right is where most of the pain seems to be. I played a little today after taking a few days off and after my third drive, the pain returned, especially acute in my right upper hip. I've always thought it had something to do with my follow through. So I will try to focus on that and spinning more on the ball of my right foot, instead of planting it so hard.

Thanks for the advice everyone!
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Originally Posted by jace View Post
Yep - it's only a sign of utilizing muscles that you're not used to using when you twist through your throws. It goes away if you play regularly. I only notice it if i take two weeks off without a round. It's kind of similar to having soreness in your throwing arm if you don't play for awhile.

You have to remember that you are subjecting your body to a motion that is different/unique in nature only to the sport you play and not necessarily your everyday routine. Like any activity that keeps you moving, it takes time to develop the muscles that you are using. STRETCH after your round - it helps me anyway!
Whew, this is good news. I got sick for about a week and didn't play for about five days. I think I tweaked my back as I was caughing in bed. Anyways, I am hoping as I get back into it more regularly again that the pain will go away. Hopefully by the tournament I am playing in this weekend.
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I had the same pains when I used to go bowling all the time. Actually pulled something and was out of it for about a week. Went to a chiropractor... nothing... Went to my doctor. Gave me stretches to do every day, take about 3-5 mins to do and just helps loosen up those muscles in you lower back that normally don't get as much movement. I'll try to explain the exercises as best possible. I honestly do them in the shower in the morning and at night.

1) Basically stand spread eagle about 6-12 inches facing a wall.
2) Take your right hand and put it flat against the wall about shoulder height
3) Keep your left foot planted on the ground
4) In the same motion, take your left hand from the wall and back to about your ear while taking your right foot and moving it back about while you move your hand back.
5) Repeat but with your left hand planted against the wall and right foot planted on the ground moving your right hand and left foot together.

Start off doing 25-50 reps of each. Sounds kind of silly and looks just as stupid as it sounds but it really helped me and still does. Haven't really had any back pain since (almost 6 months). The only other thing I might recommend is some type of Tiger Balm. Apply it at the slightest sign of soreness on the back. Just don't get any on the boys, it's frightening.
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This site has a lot of back stretches that really helped my after I tore two muscles in my back. Now I can play 36+ in a day with little soreness. I stretch before and after.

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i played for close to a year with my hip out of wack. The pain just got worse and worse. I finally broke down and went to the chiropractor and, about 15 visits later, the hip finally started to stay where it was supposed to be. I agree with the earlier post about losing the gut too, but if your bones are out of place, you may need a little professional help.
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that's my problem with my drives (well one of them anyway)is after the game I have a lot of soreness in my right knee and right hip. Think I am stopping well short of a complete follow through after releasing the disc. Kills my distance as well!
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Originally Posted by madrast View Post
Yes...I know I am not too flexible, especially in my hamstrings. I'm gonna devote more time to pre and post round stretching. Thanks for the advice.
Yep, stretch. I am your age and stretching is essential. shoot, we need to stretch just for the walk
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I find that when I do an X-Step with a decent reach back I have to turn my upper body away from the direction I'm throwing. If I try to keep my upper body and head facing the fairway while I do my reach back I find that it tweaks my lower back.
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