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Default Forehanding mid and putters

I have a solid forehand game. I can throw everything from switches and impulses on rollers/ turnovers to nukes, resistors and everything in between without OAT and consistency. However I can not seem to get a clean release on mids and putters with a forehand. I have always powered down discs like my switch, volt and inspire to keep somewhat straight lines for those inside 200ft approaches and such. I believe my main issue with these are the deeper rims. My question is what can I do from a technique stand point or drill to fix this as I think this will greatly improve my scoring and consistency. Also I do throw a zone and am fairly accurate with it but I feel it still is more disc then I need as far as stability. Im looking at flicking discs such as theory, tangent, buzz ss, fuse, truth, vector and my king cobra. Thank you for any help you maybe able to provide.
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The Envy feels perfect in a forehand grip.
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Shallow & flat putters are your friend. I had the same problem for a while until I randomly got a chief (super shallow & flat putter) in a players pack. Late last summer / fall I threw that disc a TON to work on FH approaches and it worked wonders for me. This opened up using my mids and other putters which were a bit deeper and it eventually fell out of my bag. Now pretty much any disc in my bag with confidence.

The weird thing is - if I tried to FH a buzz or my summit before this - it was ugly. After learning how to throw the putters - its opened up these discs and many more lines to me. So - get something super shallow, flat, and preferably fairly neutral and spend a ton of time in the field with it.
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Thumb pressure, slow and smooth, a lot of spin
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Can you provide more information on your forehand technique, grip, etc.? That might help people give you suggestions.

I am the opposite of you, I think. I forehand putters and mids frequently, but rarely forehand drivers because it aggravates an old shoulder injury. Anyway, I find that shots 200' or less require very little arm, mostly just a little wrist and finger pop, finishing palm up. The "peace sign" grip works best for me with putters, but that is just personal preference.

Of the discs you mention, I get a nice clean forehand release with the Truth. I use Lucid Truth as my stable midrange (backhand and forehand), whereas the Fuzion Truth handles forehand annies nicely. Theory is touchy forehand, but I use it occasionally for specialty shots.

One thing that helped me was playing forehand catch with putters, starting with short, easy tosses and slowly working to longer distances.

Good luck!
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Focus on wrist flick and keep the arm movement to a minimum. Practice up close with putters and gradually move back. The goal is to keep flutter to a minimum.
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Harp is a shallower but OS putter, I haven't tried one cause I like deeper rims on mine- I do flick my mace and bard, not my fuse though- it goes right into the ground.
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I use the grip where my pointer finger is on rim right behind my middle finger. I can flick an esp nuke on a flat 350 to 375 with no s curve. As far as my typical technique i actually come to the line with the disc vertical and in a fluid motion flatten it out and snap it out hard and flat. I know it sounds like a lot of unnecesary motion however i used to keep it flat back and through and found i am more accurate and can add another 75feet from where it used to be. I believe this is due to the fact that the disc isnt completely on plain until fairly late keeping me from wasting too much energy too soon through snapping too early. However from what im reading for my mids and putters I probably should get rid of my run up for now and now do a full snap on my arm/wrist as if I was driving. Also my favorite putting putter is the wizards and i can not seem to get over that bead, those things make me feel like i could kill someone forehanding them. I have tried forehanding my soft envy its ok but flies fairly wobbly and with atoms which again is a dangerous game for anyone within 200ft of me. Funny thing is I can forehand a stratus with no problem with its slightly more driverish feel. Fun disc to goof with but thats about all throw it on 75* hyzer watch it flip up and turn over on a huge turnover line not practical but fun was great tool to learn how to hyzer flip forehands. My main goal here is not to go buy discs to forehand only but learn to use what i have. I love buying new discs but i want to get better not just bandaid my situation. Its bad enough im forehand for everything over 200ft as is. Also a little side story as to why i am so adament about learning to forehand the 1 shot i can still backhand. Friday went out to practice backhand on 1 of my run ups as I was finally getting it to go 240+ with mids I planted my right foot and when i went to finish all the way through on my pivot i heard loud pop in knee leg gave out like it was jello and I came crashing down and had to have my wife actually come get me off the ground and take me to dr as I could not put any weight on it. dr said sounds like i tore my something that starts with an M i dont remember but at this point in the season i dont want to miss anymore and frankly my FH puts alot less stress on my legs as theres not near as much twisting motion in the legs. So this leads me here where i am attempting to imporve my fh beyond where it already is. Im still in a knee brace but if i can do standstills with the fh i should be able to start working on it tomorow.

PS I just seen what i typed on screen and i am sorry for the rambly nature of the post i was just posting it as it came to my head.
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This thread really helped me out.
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This may not be very helpful, but I think a putter wants the same kind of form that an ultimate lid wants for a "flick" throw. If you study the way ultimate players flick Ultrastars, you'll notice that their hands tend to drop down, away from the disc, at release. Youtube might have some good info, directed at Ultimate players.
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