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i think alot of people see the course as kind of a social club and in a way it is , the only difference is its a dg social club so imo if your there more to socialize or just lookin for a place to blow off some steam after work (get f---ed up) then you should go to a bar instead or to church(not to get f---ed but to socialize). I think asking people questions is alot like tapping in someones putt, if you dont know them maybe just be a little more guarded . If someones friendly and would like to play a round but dosnt ask your name or what you do for a living then they probally just want to play not make friends.
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NovaDiscHead and tim I totally agree with you guys. While I am a believer I also understand the importance of respecting others privacy (westerner). If they want to go out and play a round without being interrupted I can certainly relate. However, as has been said already we should be ready to offer of ourselves when the time is right. I am currently reading "Just Walk Across the Room" by Bill Hybels and it is exactly what you two are suggesting. We need to put ourselves out in the community and start up relationships. Whether the activity is shopping (wife's favorite), taking the kids to the playground, dog walking, mowing the lawn or disc golf they all can be a way to build a relationship. Maybe one day that person will need help and they will remember you.

"Peach the gospel always, if necessary use words" - St. Francis of Assisi
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Originally Posted by A.Mutt View Post
I'm 100% cool with a Christian Disc Golf club, and even church owned course. But you'd cross the line with me if start asking me about my beliefs in an effort to convert me. I used to play weekly hockey in a church parking lot that had real goals (not pvc pipe homebrewed ones like ours) and everything since it was for their youth group. They were nice enough to let me and my 2 derelict friends play and we did every week for years. Not once did they ever question our beliefs. Only offered a seat in their prayer session afterwords, which we always politely declined and they never treated us differently. If that's the kind of scenario you're talking about then good deal. Just my opinion.
This point has probably already been mentioned in this thread, so my repetitiveness may be redundant. AMutt brings up a great point about the whole "converting" issue. If your only motive (in church on Sunday mornings, a DG ministry, etc) is to try to convert people, you're missing the point entirely. If there isn't genuine friendship or care for others, you'll never get anywhere. As AMutt referenced, people are going to be turned off if they're getting treated as objects, or if there's an obvious "hidden" agenda.

Not to get "preachy", but as Christians, we're called to love our neighbors (and enemies) as ourselves and to share the gospel. Neophyte's quote of St. Francis of Assisi sums up exactly how we're supposed to live. So, IMO, a DG ministry would be a great way to combine people's passion of the game and their beliefs. The struggle is to accept anyone and everyone as they are and not try to force things upon them. Plus, a DG ministry would hopefully eliminate the stereotype of the typical disc golfer.
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My favorite church-related project I've ever been involved in was building a couple of sweeeeeet volleyball courts. The church had some extra land, and some friends and I worked with one of the pastors, got most of the supplies donated, and did most of the work ourselves. Two sand courts, more than 2' deep of lush white sand, and great lights for 24/7 play... I can't count how many nights I was out there until the wee hours of the morning playing volleyball. And sometimes you had great talks with people -- especially when waiting between games -- and sometimes they ended up at church and changing their lives, and sometimes -- probably most of the time -- you just played volleyball. And it was awesome.
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NovaDiscHead, although I don't affiliate myself with one particular religion, I think this is a good idea as long as you keep it as you say and don't try to convert people. Having scorecards available is a nice addition, and that is a good place to put a verse or saying and not be too "preachy" about it. The disc logo idea is cool too. It's kinda like saying hey we clean this place up and give you scorecards so at least read this real quick. People don't have to read the message as long as you dont post up bible verses everywhere and make it obnoxious. Remember much of the fun in discing is being out in nature and I wouldn't like any kinda of huge sign in the middle of a course, even if it does have a positive message. It's great you're getting involved in course clean up as I have been trying to do my part at my local course. Your ideas are very good and not over the top. I cant see any reason for atheist player not to want to play the course as long as it's not being thrown in your face.

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Originally Posted by t i m View Post
I think that leaving minis with church names on the course is pretty silly and is a kind of litter and will make the church look bad. Printing up minis or discs with a church name/logo/Website is a good idea -- but keep them in the bag or in the car and give them out to people that you have real conversations with. Don't just leave them lying around.
Maybe it wouldn't look so messy if they were left on top of the baskets, or in them. I dunno, just a thought.
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If you're a follower of Jesus I'd just like to let you know that there's a DGCR social group called "DISCiples of Jesus".

P.S.- You can also always get there by clicking on the fish, <><, in my signature.
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Ministry is about service. Figure out how you can best serve the disc golf community in your area, and you're bound to make some friends. In other words, don't think about how you can use disc golf to serve your church; rather think about how your church can serve your fellow disc golfers.

And to those who say "Disc golf is a hippie/redneck/whatever sport that doesn't mix with the church crowd," remember whom Jesus, a homeless man, chose for his closest disciples: whores, tax collectors (don't we all love IRS agents), and a passel of fishermen (imagine the filth and the smell). These people would likely make the disc golf crowd look good. So don't worry if you don't feel like you fit in with the Church crowd in their Sunday best. Jesus didn't much like hanging out with them either.
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