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Originally Posted by JonathanXz View Post
Aren't they all already Neutron? Do you mean Proton?
Yes, my fault. I meant to say Proton. So, when are they supposed to come out with Proton.
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Link to auction for a very special MVP Shock.

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Just got a few new and used discs including a new 170g Volt and 2 used 175g Anode protons. I have to say I Love the Volt so far and think I may have thrown close to my furthest throw since i've been playing! Can't wait to try it on the course. The Anodes seemed a little more touchy than I anticipated but could have been my form.

How do you tell what run of MVP discs you have and how d you tell if they are soft or regular plastic?
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If it's soft it will say soft proton. Otherwise it will just say proton, which is considered medium.

On an unrelated note, can we please have sky blue neutron plastic? That would look glorious. Thanks MVP!
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Originally Posted by Moonshine View Post
On an unrelated note, can we please have sky blue neutron plastic? That would look glorious. Thanks MVP!
We agree that a Sky Blue Neutron would be pretty cool. It's actually one of the next colors we plan to develop. Do you have any recommendations for a shade? Or even other possible colors?

Note that our coloring agents require several months to develop and produce them in our discs, but there is a possibility that we may be able to have some this year.

Best Regards,
Chad Richardson
MVP Disc Sports
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north carolina blue!!! drop the pepto pink. if you can have a glow yellow and a glow green these two are very close right now. i think you guys would be set!! your colors are sweet already!!!
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Agree with Glass, the light(er) pink is kind of meh. A Sky/carolina/light blue would be awesome.
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I would like to see green Neutron. Like the color green of the dot by our screen names when we're logged on here. The current green and yellow are very simiar, although sick colors. I want the green to stand out, like a green M&M. I can see you not wanting it because it might be hard to find on the grass and plants of some courses. I'd love it though, and would probably buy a lot of my discs in that color.

And the sky blue would be sweet too.
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I think a Sky Blue would be a great addition.

UNC blue... absolutely not (They're going to get stomped by Duke tonight Mr. Glass. )

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I like the light pink, don't ditch it!
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