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Originally Posted by 41thirty View Post
Soo. I'm hoping for some input from MVP throwers wiser than I. I have a love / hate relationship with my volt. I want it to be a great go to line shaper with a little turn and a little fade but what I usually get is dead straight with a huge lateral fade. More fade than my very domey star teebird. Or if I try a slight hyzer I get a big sweeping line but it ends up very short. I have thrown a few drives with though where it just rides this tight straight line 6 feet off the ground for what seems like forever. I guess I just want to know if there is something different to throwing this disc well?
First off, I agree with the other guys in recommending the Amp. I have a friend that I play with who doesn't have a lot of power and for him the Volt is overstable. He can carve it up with his Amps though. They fly almost the same for him at his distances that the Volt/Shock do for me. The Amp is an extremely versatile disc for those with less power or who like to throw with hyzer. The Volt is a little faster than the Amp along with being more stable, so that makes it quite a bit more disc. It's definitely faster than your other drivers you mentioned.
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Originally Posted by in4d View Post

The axis went from my favorite disc to a disc lost somewhere between my vectors and tangents. huehuehue, it will be a cold day in hell if i ever let go of my axis though.
I have been dealing with this as well. The Axis was my main mid, but the Tangent has taken a lot of shots from it. I've also been throwing my 174 N Vector more than any of my other mids, so the Axis has been pretty neglected. It will not leave the bag though, it's role is just becoming narrower. I now only carry my stable N Axis and it comes out when I need long laser straight lines between mid and fairway distance (luckily disc golf courses seem to always have a few of these).
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Ok so its not really an Ace, but I was testing out my new innova traveler last sat and captured this 180-200ft shot with my soft ion. (not sure how I turned it blue....prob hit something with my frozen fingers.)

btw it was 5 degrees with 10 mph winds


And here is one just for giggles....this is what happens when you record yourself before you warm up. and gloves dont help.

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I need to do some more testing with my vector and axis, I'm not sure I want to replace my Buzzz and Rocs just yet.
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Originally Posted by dekdo View Post
I need to do some more testing with my vector and axis, I'm not sure I want to replace my Buzzz and Rocs just yet.
Coming from a huge roc fan, the axis vector tangent set up can definitely cover what you need. I love my neutron vector because of its flat top and healthy fade. They're almost like a Ching roc in that they're fast and over stable while maintaining glide and fade.

The neutron axis can handle a ton of lines between the vector and tangent. Straight to left and straight to right. The axis also, for me, can be two discs. The domey one I have acts more like a DX roc and the flats are very Buzzz like.
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Originally Posted by dekdo View Post
I need to do some more testing with my vector and axis, I'm not sure I want to replace my Buzzz and Rocs just yet.
I used to throw only rocs, had like 6-7 rocs in my bag at one time, 2-3 rancho dx, 1 star marino roc, 2 super rocs, all beat into different stages, etc... for different lines and shots.

Then i bought an axis and vector to try out because of all the hype with these stupid looking MVP discs,
Well lets just say that ended the era of Rocs for me. right out of the box i was able to cover every shot i needed all the rocs for, except for some anny lines, but i beat my axis in within a couple weeks by throwing axis only rounds and then the axis became a very workable anny disc for me. (the tangent is the end all anny disc for me now) but at the time i was happy with my vector and fresh/beat axis setup, nothing makes me want to go back to rocs, i have never been playing better disc golf since.

The tangent with the vector axis combo gives me EVERY midrange line i could possible need, MVP has secured my midrange needs.

What i like best about MVP is their core molds all feel exactly the same, so the grip is always the same. THIS is my favorite thing about them. I can get used to the feel of ONE core mold and the only difference is in the over-mold, my fingers fit the same each time and helps build consistency.

Vector will fly like a KC Pro Roc or a lightly used Roc.. just perfect out of the box.

Axis is a straighter Buzzz or a just beat in Roc

Seems like the new ones are slightly different mold from the stacks of first runs i have now, so im not 100% sure how the new ones fly.

YOu can compare MVP discs to whatever you want.. in the end they fly differently, not sure if its because the gyro tech or what, but they just have great flight and glide, and lock into lines like no other.

If you want to have some fun, get a MVP Volt, it bombs like a distance driver and with good snap has insane glide for its low profile.. im not sure where this disc gets its glide. The volt is the most versatile fairway i have thrown.. just a fun disc to have. I got one from skullboy with a sweet stamp that's just a tiny bit more stable than the rest and it has slight turn then just wants to go straight with late, forward penetrating fade.

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Haven't been here in a while. Any word on minis, shallow putter, or high speed drivers?
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does mvp sponser any players?

didnt see anything on their site
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People keep talking about how cool it would be to have an MVP distance driver. What I'm wondering is would that be sturdy enough to hold up to hard hits? Think about it. With the wider rim, there's going to be a smaller surface area of the outermold attaching to the core. For example, a putter has the most surface area between the outermold/core. The mids are less, with the fairway drivers being even less still. I would just be worried that you'd hit a tree at 50 ft one day, and instead of slightly tacoing the rim, the outermold would pop right off on one side.

However, I would very much like MVP to prove me wrong.

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MVP does not currently sponsor any players.
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