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Originally Posted by Dave242 View Post
In random draw doubles it is a good idea to do an A (the top half skill-wise) and B player pool to help assure that there a not a bunch of stacked teams. This is better for the fun-factor and to keep lower rated players coming back rather than being discouraged.

And it is cool for beginning players to be assured that they will be playing with more accomplished players - usually 2 of them if you are playing 4-somes.

This is a bit of a hassle and extra effort to administrate, but is well worth it for the overall "health" of the event.
This is a good idea. Although this only works if we get a range of skills coming. We are certainly open to anyone playing, but some new players are excited to see if some better ones come so they can learn. The best way to get better is to play with people who are better!
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1. How much $ should we have as an enterance fee? Usually $5 per 9
2. SHould this be a one time fee or each time we throw fee? Every 9
3. How should we recruit players? Put signs up at the course. Go to other courses events.
4. Should we do random draw each time or set teams? Random Draw (Flip).
5. How many teams should we try for? As many as you can get.
6. How do we determine scores for the season? Whoever took home the most money.
7. How long should it last? How commited is your group?
8. What is a good time/day of the week?? The days the other local courses don't have their weekly's.

This are just my opinions... and off the top of the head. Although, some of them may not apply to a league format. Hope this helps.
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