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When I am practicing on a soccer field I use the white circle in the middle of the field as my mid-range target. This actually helped my approach game significantly, because I began visualizing a white circle around the basket when I would play.

I used to aim for the basket (3 feet above the ground), which seemed reasonable in the beginning, but since I don't have a sniper's aim, the flight line would be where I wanted it, but it would land "too far" away. It was one of those Capt. Obvious moments that took me until year three to figure out.

Drives on a Soccer field, I aim for the goals (couple people said that one already)
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I spend most of my time, when I do field practice, throwing my mid range discs. Throwing my mids well translates to throwing my drivers well.
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I practice a walk up/ x step for long fairway shots. Place a mini, put my right foot 6" behind it and then take 3 steps backwards beginning with the right foot. When I get there a bring my left foot near my right foot and then move back about another foot. The extra foot allows for the little studder step I have.
I like to walk into a long shot if I can and this routine has helped me improve my overall footwork and get me safely behind my mini marker for a clean throw.
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Field work is good.
I take a bag of 20-30 discs, stack them into their various types (do a quick count to make sure you collect all that you throw) and start with a "loosening up" set. Not trying to throw hard - just doing some stretching and basic footwork/rhythm practice - all these throws are your basic easy line drives. Not going for D - just for nice smooth release, and generally trying to hit the same spot (that spot is wherever the first disc landed).
After collecting and laying them out again, I choose a target. The field I usually go to has a backstop, and two soccer goals. Choosing the target is based on what the wind is doing.
If I'm using the soccer goals, I do one of 3 things.
I choose one of the posts as THE target
I try and fly THROUGH the target
I try and land BEHIND the target
If I'm using the ball field it's sort of the same thing
I try and land on one side or the other of one of the baseline fences
Or I try and throw to one of the bases

Using a single target can actually provide a pretty wide variety of practice shots. especially with a soccer/football goal. As you can combine your approach to each task with vaious shot types (this is especially good for roller practice.)
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I need to get out to a field for sure. I am getting pretty confident in my putting game from playing pp360 and just taking various shots.

15' is the new 10'
20' is the new 15'

The only one I am not consistently over 50% on is 30'

Definitely need to work on the driving/midrange game.
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Putting: I try to use the PP360, but I prefer the Pozzy's Putting Game. I really think getting penalized for missing the comeback putt is a realistic part of the game. I also like to throw 20 foot putts before playing. Long putting has no purpose for me before a game. Confidence and consistency is the key for me.

Approaching: I not only pick an object to hit, but I tactually pick the tiniest part of an object to aim at. SO if it is a tree, it is a certain leaf or not on the tree I am trying to hit. Just like in putting and driving, I am a firm believer in aiming at the smallest thing I can possibly see. Aim Small-Miss Small

Driving: In the field, I gather and throw like discs and at the target. Then gather another set and so on. Work on the flight paths until I start to zone in on them. Sometimes I will do some distance work, but throwing more than 90%seems a bit pointless for me. Accuracy and Flight Path is the key for me.

Mental: I visualize shots in my mind before throwing them. If I can't see it proper mentally first, I don't throw.
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