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up 15 points to 962
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So many happy people.....

This rating stuff is just the PDGA's way of documenting and publicizing my decline. Some may scoff at the ratings, but they're painfully accurate in my case.
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+85 points to 765! Sweet!!!! Thanks PDGA!
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guessin im somewhere between 1250 and 2000.. who knows just not enough time in a day to kick so much as$
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My first rating comes in at 923. Woo!
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Holy crap, Schusterick jumped from 1036 to 1043. That's quite a ratings bump considering how much these guys play.
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Originally Posted by giles View Post
I havn't been playing but my wife's rating went up to 905. That puts her in the top 30/40 of all women and the top 5 of am women.

I'm proud of her, not bad for a mom.

/she has been playing for 5 years.
That's pretty impressive.
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Originally Posted by TSherm49517 View Post
And where do you get your facts? I live in Michigan which is one of the biggest disc golf communities, take a look at our tournaments and tell me again that there are 30-40 in all divisions...We are lucky to have 15 pro's at most tournaments and with the ratings system set up the way it is we have more people sand bagging into AM2 and AM3 then there are people in the whole tourney, so it doesnt make sense to say that every division from Rec to Pro get that many. the most pros I have seen in one event this year I think is 23 and that one is coming up at the end of the month
Pretty sure I didn't mention any facts. I don't care where you live, what matters is there are areas of the country that draw tourny players. Charlotte for one, and it has for years. Chris's original post seemed to imply that he wanted to play in large divisions. I am unsure if he would care about playing intermediate as long as there were 72 intermediates... his 1 "idea" was to get rid of divisions... Where you just say "Men" play against all men regardless. That is flawed.

Why would 880 rated Jim Smith want to play against 1040 rate Nikko. Its not about the division. Its about the experience that the tournaments themselves create. "Joes" dinky C-Tier isn't going to draw whether there is 1 or 50 divisions. Bowling Green will draw 180 players with all 3 Am Men divisions. High country throwdown and the Azalea in these neck of the woods fill in hours or minutes.

So in your area of Michigan it is the events that aren't drawing, not the division system. Apparently, the experience isn't worth the fee or cost. If your TD's got $5000 added cash, there wouldnt be 15 pros. HB doesn't need to have $10K added cash to have 650 ams sign up for Bowling Green...he runs a great tournament with great sponsors and people go for the experience. If you do half the work you will get half the turn out. The PDGA can do better growing the sport and guiding TD's to have better events, but if you want bigger fields "IN YOUR AREA." You have to do the marketing and promotion to get them out.
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I was hoping to have a rating (first one) this time around. But no dice. Do you have to play so many rounds? I only have 6 rated rounds.

Unless I'm missing it????

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Depends whether your TDs submitted their reports to the PDGA by May 1. You only need one reported round to get a rating.
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