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The Leopard should be a pretty straight flyer for a beginner. You might also try to release it a bit flatter. Beginners usually tend to throw too high and with too much angle on the disc, I know I did.
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Originally Posted by jackson028 View Post
I'm new to this game. I went and played for the first time this past weekend. I loved it and had tons of fun and I can't wait till i get to go play again. However I am having problems with throwing the disk straight. It tends to start straight and turn left. Does anyone have any pointers that you could give me?
Disc golf discs do that to everyone when they first start playing.

Head over to this site and do some reading:
You'll learn a lot.
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Like I said I'm still fairly new. And I wouldn't think of playing without my 150g Champion Leopard. Flies straight when I want it to and I can get it to fly left or right too. Another choice might be an ESP Buzzz. I recently got one and it's lowered my scores dramatically and I've finally recorded my first 2 under par scores largely because of the Buzzz.
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Your leopard should not be fading hard on you like that unless you have terrible form. Don't worry, we all had terrible form when we first started. I would focus on grips before you start going disc happy. Read this article, it helped me a lot and still does. http://discgolfreview.com/resources/...ttoripit.shtml

I recommend the stack grip.
Good luck and welcome to DG
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One thing that will help you is spend time in an open field practicing you throws before you go back to the course. Pick a point and try to send you dist to that point, a tree, a rock, or bring a friend and play catch. Don'T worry so much about distance, concentrate more on making the disc fly where you want it to go.
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exactly buy different kinds and go find a open field or a not so busy open style course with a long open bomb shot and fire away. I am still pretty new but I have found that leopards and mainly regular T-birds have been good to me. Also I have read from some experienced players on this site say that the T-birds and I am sure many other types of distance drivers will after wearing the disc in or knocking the fade out of it fly almost as straight as an arrow. I can verify the T-bird because I had an old one that said at the top "ultralong straight driver" and it just went where you threw it, but I lost it.
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You have received some awesome advise already and this site is a great resource for a new player starting out. I first started out last year and have made incredible strides many of those strides were due to this site. The Teebird is a great disc as is the Buzz, I use both. I also started out with a Leopard and loved it until I lost it. The Buzz largely replaced it when my distance got a little better. I would also suggest a Discraft XL for good VERY straight distance. Just know that all discs will fade at the end of the throw. The more you work on it the longer the disc will travel before it starts to fade.
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Learn to love that fade. Predictable fade makes a predictable disc.
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start lite work way up, know your disc that is all
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Thanks to everyone for all the advise and help you have given me.
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