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For what it's worth I've only been playing about two months, and feel I've made leaps and bounds in my game.
I'm similar in that I play nearly every day...but I usually have a goal in mind when I hit the course or field...
For example... I recently had an "ah-HA" moment with my drivers (thanks to these forums), and wanted to really see if it was a fluke and or if it applied to all of my discs (not just my new DX Teebird). So I went to a wide open course, just to work on my release and watching how my discs were acting NOW as opposed to last week.

One of the biggest factors for my improvement comes with playing doubles...and playing with much better players. I get tips, and see shots and techniques that I wouldn't have thought of or tried having not been on the course that day.
If there is local action I'm there...because I'll always learn something. I also go ahead and play the local tourneys as well...
Tournaments give me the perspective of where I am in comparison to others, not to mention it's a whole other technical beast because there is no option for "I'm going to take another shot"...

One last thing... I go to an open field...
I can't tell you how much this helps in figuring out discs...
Even just getting out there and tossing a new disc 10 times, I'll start to get an idea of how it acts with my current throw...And, as my throw changes, the field time really helps get back on the horse after chitty round.

In all fairness, I'm a fairly athletic guy that can pick things up really quickly... but I've managed to knock about 10 strokes off my average in the last 2 months...but like I said... I'm out virtually every day with a goal to work on.
I think in general the more you play the faster you'll get better, but also the harder it is to be consistent because of the constant evolution of your game.

Right now I'm rated 803, from my first tournament my second week of playing, I'd say i'm in the 830-840 range now.
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I have always practiced a lot more than I've played. I'm lucky to play an actual round or two once every other saturday, but if I have an hour of free time in an evening, I can walk down to the park at the end of my street and throw 50 or 60 drives.

Being as I've never played in leagues or tournaments, I've never really been able to glean knowledge from other players. I've mostly had to figure this stuff out on my own, trying to learn as much from the internet as possible. There's a lot more info online now than there was 6-7 years ago, I can promise you that.

Anyway, I was throwing a valk 300+ after my first few weeks of practicing at the park. I remember having a lot of problems keeping the nose down for my first few years. Eventually I learned how to get my weight forward and get the nose down.

I've had a few plateau breakers along the way. I taught myself to throw forehand to give me some additional options off the tee, and my scores dropped a few strokes. Later, I bought a portable basket to practice putting in my yard. My game improved a couple of strokes very quickly. Even later, after being dissatisfied with my midrange game, I started throwing most of my approach shots forehand, and again my average round dropped another stroke or two.
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