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I suggest field work with a Comet. This is exactly the situation that people suggest working with a Comet for. When you can throw a Comet straight, you know you have no wrist roll, or any other oat for that matter. Do yourself a favor and read: http://www.dgcoursereview.com/forums...ad.php?t=10566
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Good advice. Or use a Fuse if you prefer. When I start getting ugly with my throws I try to play a Fuse and putter round or two. That usually gets my mid game back on track. Or as on track as I am capable of.
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Originally Posted by sidewinder22 View Post
I'll bet you are still doing it with drivers, but they are masking it better.
Originally Posted by GripEnemyS2K View Post
Speed stability vs. mold stability.

Mids are showing your form issues more so than drivers because they fly within your power range. Nose up may or may not be involved, I would have to watch you throw to tell you that.
This is my guess as well. I'll also posit that since mids tend to be wider diameter than drivers, the lever is slightly longer so that you'll feel the hit slightly later. Usually too minimal a difference to be the culprit but food for thought.
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Default Thanks Jed :)

I'm actually surprised that it was my first post given the amount of time I spent in the discing down and maxing out at 300' threads alone.

I have a pretty fair amount of family up in Burnaby. If you know any McLeans, I'm probably related to them.
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I know a few McLeans. I wonder if they know that they are related to each other?
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I doubt you're rolling your wrist, sounds like you're torquing too hard
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are you sure your are rolling your wrist and not torquing/ overpowering the throw?

I was turning over a brand new EVO Glow Wizard for about 2 weeks.. Didn't figure out what it was, but assumed it was a problem in my mechanics since I wasn't doing that from a standstill shot with the same disc.. Played this weekend and it didnt' happen once, but my throw felt very clean overall so I"m assuming it was bad timing/getting too fast at the wrong time and it only showed with slow discs like putters.

Do you use different grips for mids and drivers?
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for me, learning to throw a powered down leopard has really thrown off my Roc and Aviar throwing skills. Where i used to be able to bomb them, they are now just flipping virtually uncontrollably.

I found my issue was actually my pull through. It was kind of an out and around for my leopard to get it to do what i wanted. Unfortunately, i changed all my tosses to get that same shape which greatly affected my roc/aviar, but also pulled distance from my max d discs.

I'm currently "relearning" my proper pull through (muscle memory) and already have started to get my roc back in just a couple of days...sometimes we don't realize learning a new disc can cause other issues if we don't pay attention to what we do.
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Follow through on your line. if it's hyzer, keep your arm moving up, same for straight and anny.
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What help me throwing putters and mids was to keep my elbow above the disc. You can't turn it over if you successfully do this. I use to wrist roll when trying to crush a shot. Get in the field and practice.
Keep in mind smooth is consistent less is more.
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