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Default Favorite Putters

What do you guys like putting with? What'd you start with and what do you use now and how'd you get there?

I myself started with Aviars, moved to Wizards, then to Judges and from there dropped the bead and began using P2s and finally settled on classic Wardens which I love, but I miss the over-stability the judges offered, might try some DX Aviar3s, is that crazy to say? Have a star one that I'm in love with for up shots and it feels perfect in the hand.
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aviar -> vibram sole -> warlock -> wizard -> dagger -> wizard!!!
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challenger - > omega ss - > aviar -> ridge - > sole -> summit -> swan 1 reborn -> mercy -> swan2 - > atom -> envy

a zone was in there till i found an envy

it has been one hell of a trip. but firm putters that are shallow work the best for me. so now it's a combination of envy's, swan1r, and firm/proton atoms.

but, i still have more to try....lol
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Started with Star Aviar P&A and never gelled with it. Also tried the Nova, but the 'compass points' give me issues (they cut my fingers). I liked the stiffness of the McPro Aviars, but they were limited and hard to get. Tried the Soft APX; great putter, too soft material. Tried the Prodigy Pa4 and the Reko. Then I settled on the Classic Blend Judge and Classic Blend Warden. I would putt with one 'for the record', then throw the other. Over time, the Warden showed itself to be the best disc for me. I then tried the Classic plastic, and I was home.

The APX and Challenger are now out in Jawbreaker plastic, which is the firmness of Classic Blend. I really like the APX. The P-Line Discmania P2 is very good also. But to this point, the Classic Warden is still king of the hill (and bag).
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P1 -> Berg -> P1x -> P3 -> Pure -> Splinter -> P2 -> P1 -> Pa3/Pa4 -> Reko

And all this in just two years Now i'm sticking with my Rekos, they are almost perfect. I just don't feel comfortable with them in headwind putts.
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Aerobie Arrow > MVP Ion > Anode > Vibram Sole > Ridge

I've tried out a million other things. I really like the Reptilian Scale & Serpent, but I am way to heavily invested in Ridges to change now.

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Aviar PnA (for a couple weeks)-> Soft Warden (for about a month)-> Scale (for a couple months)-> Polecat since then

The Polecat is the only putter that I have felt remotely comfortable with for putting

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Spider > Big Bead Aviar > XD > Omega Super Soft > P&A Aviar > Pure (and Spike for long putts)
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Aviar> Rhyno> XD> Challenger> Envy> Atom> Ion> Pilot
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Birdie > CE Omega > Omega SS

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