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Originally Posted by billnchristy View Post
Still grippy but not quite as rubbery. And the ones before that were way more dx-y.

I think they are experimenting with how much r-pro to mix in the DX. They need to stick with the last batch IMO...it feels incredible.

It's a shame they don't put runs on their discs like millennium so we could say hey, keep it up with 16.3 or whatever.
Yes, I agree stick with the current formula! Perhaps it would be good idea to stock up before they start tinkering again, lol.
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Latitude Medius x 2
Opto XXX
Opto Striker
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Just traded for a dirty dozen elite z stalker and a tye dyed boss. Got the stalker and hopefully getting the boss tomorrow or soon.
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3 Glow Wizards from Gateway's Ebay store. They threw in a Glow Element and a mini for free, pretty sweet.
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^sweet! deal!
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Roc STAR - San Marino
Size & Color: 175 Grams / White

Aviar STAR
Size & Color: 175 Grams / Dark Blue

Wraith Pro
Size & Color: 171 Grams / White

arrives monday
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Quest Double D w/ golf ball style dimples around rim.

craziest disc i've ever thrown. stiff as all heck, i've never seen another like it.
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Ive got one of those...
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I will get one of each of the 3 vibram discs tomorrow, been wondering how they play since i read about them

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Brand spankin' new 11X KC Pro Gazelle.

Thanks banished Ray.
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