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Originally Posted by Omega SuperSloth View Post
i think people are starting to come around as more people are getting better at it , i can understand why some people look down at it as alot of kids use it but personally i like getting teamed up with you flickers as it gives us an advantage over two righties and decent lefties arent exactly fallening from the sky.

being a former sidearm pitcher i know what your talking about , but in my case i think some of the flack i got might have been fear of getting hit by a wild pitch.

Another cool thing about you guys is you can throw at a lower trajectory than us backhanders which can be very helpful on differing elevation and low ceilings shots
Thanks for giving ALF a break. That pic was intense.
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Originally Posted by NovaDiscHead View Post
I throw mostly forehand, and I don't give a damn what people say. Many times people will ask me how I do it. I have actually commented on people throwing overhead, especially on long holes. I know it's a great way to make it through a narrow fairway, but it limits your distance. I saw this one kid, built like a linebacker throw an overhead about 250 feet. I told him "if you could flick with your power, that would land next to the basket." He was concerned about the narrow fairway, so I told him to concentrate on snapping his wrist and not using too much arm. Next hole he tried it, and yelled over to me "Dude! It worked!" Another Forehand conversion
I know a guy who can throw overhand like 500ft. My local course has a 600 footer, always into the wind. He drives, does a short upshot and putts in, its beastly.

I prefer to throw backhand because I'm more accurate, but I'll use a forehand if I need a right hand curve or something.
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i love watching right handers(im a lefty) think i can't get a hole because it has a left turn...forehand!!..i am amazed more people don't learn this extremely valuable tool..some good points in here already...a turnover and a sidearm act differently on a skip, and you can't burn a turnover 350' down a low ceiling fairway..i really love extremely tight holes that i use forehand roller to navigate the trees and watch people take 4's on a hole i am putting for deuce on..i just laugh and say...learn a forehand

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I began forehand, and I can drive with much more accuracy and distance FH. I'm working on getting my BH better this summer, for the same reason BH throwers should learn the FH. It opens up more shots, which will lower your scores and make you a better player. If I want pure D, a right turn, or have to hit that tight landing spot, I'll gladly throw my FH. Its hard to say I shouldn't FH when I can put a driver out around 500 feet and only about get 300-325 or so BH. (and not nearly as accurate)
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Yeah I really do think this is a non-issue. It may be that the backhand has more distance potential, while the forehand has more potential for accuracy. For my part, I can throw a tomahawk about as far as a forehand -- both about 200-220', so choosing between those for me depends on the terrain and obstacles. When I need more than about 200', I'll throw a backhand, but man I'd love to have 300' distance on my forehand.

I honestly think the backhand is easier to learn to throw for distance, meaning you natural forehanders are at an advantage in the race to learn how to throw from both sides of the body. So yeah, a forehand throw is a tool just like a disc. One is in your arm; the other is in your bag. Combine them and they multiply.
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I feel ya. I spent about 5 years only driving with thumbers. I actually had one guy literally say
"Oh ... You're one of those guys" with clear judgment in his voice.
On the other hand when I played in a tournament this year throwing thumbers predominantly because I didn't have confidence yet in my backhand I picked up a curious positive type vibe from some other players.
I have committed myself to learning backhand this year though and its finally starting to show. But I did it so I had more options not because I felt I had to do it to be taken seriously. Honestly I'm envious of people that can throw forehand as I struggle with that a lot right now, and I'd really like to piece it all together.

The way I see it a good line is a good line regardless of how you propelled it. And anyone that judges you for the way you throw is the same kind of person that would find something else to look down their nose at you for to feel better about themselves.
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I started off doing forehand drives and can get a pretty good distance out of it. When I started again this month, I focused on doing backhands so I can add it to my bag of tricks. I always get a kick out when I play with my friends who are strictly BH and they see that I can FH roughly the same distance as their power BH's. Then they try FH, it just comes out so sloppy and weak. I tell them just learn the FH because it will open more shot opportunities.

I love when I FH my Cobra and see it roll all the way down a tight fairway, takes much less power for more distance.

Don't let the others judge you, they're probably just jealous because they can't do it.
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On the course I throw mainly forehand. I haven't gotten my backhand down pat, or feel comfy enough with it that I throw it when playing with other people.

About 2 months ago I was playing with a few friends at Stumpy Creek in Mooresville, NC. One of the guys commented before we started that we needed to teach me a real throw(he throws backhand). I beat him by 3 strokes. Over beers later I asked him if we still needed to teach me a real throw.
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Originally Posted by billnchristy View Post
better than those damn overhand guys...
I was that guy the second year I played. Third year it was only for my approach shots (damn accurate, by the way). Now, I suck at it.
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I've never thought that anyone who was predominately forehand was inferior. It's great for low ceiling shots and I forehand when I have long approaches a lot b/c it is more accurate for me. There is something zen-like about a nice backhand throw though.

Forehand and backhand, like peanut butter and jelly.
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