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Originally Posted by Rol6566 View Post
C lines are more stable than the s lines, but they're no teebird.
Ya, this. Powered down they will fly a lot of te same lines. Powered up and the hss difference is a lot more noticable.

Outside of some variance in molding and such, this is not going to be able to replace a newer TB. Would def replace TL or Leo out of the box, or a beat TB maybe.
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I was looking at the local PIAS and saw that some C FD were really flat and some had a good dome to it. Anyone mess with them enought to tell which is going to have less high speed turn?
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I'd be interested in getting both flat and domey. Just wish these would pop up at DN soon.
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Can someone that has one post a side profile picture? I'm hoping to nab a few flatter ones, if they exist.
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my domey CFD has no where near the same amount of high speed turn as my flat SFD. The more dome this disc has definetly correlates to the more stable/overstable it is.
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Just got a 171 G S-FD. I currently have a Gateway Sabre in my bag. How similar are these two discs?
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Ive thrown my production run c-fds a couple times now, and initial impression is they arent as stable as the early Russian CFR.

To start, the dome on mine are a lot flatter than my CFRs. The dome on the CFR goes all the way to the rim, while the productions are flat on top for about 5-6" then gradual dome to the edge.

They fly more like the production s-lines but a tick more stable. Definitely a good compliment to the s lines. The CFRs use to have a decent fade, while the productions seem to have less lss and after the turn, end up pretty straight
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I would agree with that ^^
I really like my production C line. Flies like i was hoping a champion TL would. I imagine if you beat one in they probably would fly really similar. I was looking for less HSS right away and these are perfect.
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I've had the C-lines in my bag for a few rounds now and I couldn't be more impressed. I have 2 that are super flat and 1 that has a slight dome. I prefer the flat as a compliment to my S-lines. They do whatever is asked of them. They feel and fly like the Buzzz of fairway drivers. I have been impressed by how well they handle low lines with full power. They are slowly bumping discs out of my bag. I haven't had any issues going from a Buzzz to FD to Destroyer. This might be the dream driver of mold minimilists.

I'm getting about the same distance as my TDs and PDs. They have tons of glide but it feels like a very controlled glide. This was my personal gripe with Finnish discs. They're packed with tons of glide but I would often over shoot my intended mark or the wind would throw them around. The C-line FDs have a controlable, point and shoot nature about them while still going VERY far. Discs change I'm my bag and this has just been my 2 cents after throwing the FDs very heavy for 4 rounds but I know a good disc when I throw one and this is a good disc!
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soo yeah,i picked up a few of the new run cfd's and they are so nice,well atleast the flat ones are. i have yet to throw the domey ones and probably wont because it doesnt feel right in the hand. the ones i have arent fb flat but are pretty flat for an fd. still has the high shoulder but after that the dome flattens out. mine are all the same and pretty hss with no turn. these fly like a fresh candy qjls. i have thrown these flatties in headwinds and they soar super straight like my ce qjs do in a calm wind.*so far i like them as a stable compliment to my qjs instead of breaking out fresh ce qjs for that spot. i love the feel and grip on them as well. whatever new blend innova has atm,its nice and stiff with a slight pearl. these cfd feel just like my 3r cpd's and the new flat run of md2.*i think i might need to hoard*

btw the pd is the dream driver of mold minimalists
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