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Default Ben's 2012 tourney bag


Years playing/experience: DG 10 years casually, tournaments in last 5 yrs
PDGA Rating : 931 - though 3 of my last 4 rated rounds are >950
Right/left-handed/ambidextrous: right-handed
Throwing Style: RHBH, with a decent thumber
Golf Distance (avg/max*) for putter/mid/driver: Wizard: 230/260'; Axis: 270/300'; SOLF: 320/350'


Age: 32
Sex: M
Injuries/handicaps?: Fat.
Additional Information: Good control backhand, good roller, minimal forehand ability
What do you like/dislike about your current bag?: Generally pretty satisfied, but I feel like I'm missing an understable fairway slot between my two Leopards. I just made the switch from having a variety of Rocs(beat->newKC) for my mids to a blend of Lat64/MVP after losing two perfectly seasoned Rocs, and I'm liking it so far(used the Vector quite a bit in winning the MA2 division at a tournament last week.)


Distance drivers:

171 SOLF, (used) - primary stable/slightly OS distance driver
171 SOLS, (used) - primary stable/slightly US distance driver
168 Star Katana, (used) - more distance when control is a little less needed
136 Blizzard Boss, (new) - max D on anhyzer flex lines, for wide open shots

Fairway drivers:

168 KC 11x Teebird, (used) - go-to stable control driver
173 CE Teebird (used) - headwind control driver
171 Proline{CE blend} Leopard (used) - slightly understable control driver
174 DX Leopard (thrashed) - rollers, hyzerflip-to-turnover shots
172 ESP Predator (used) - thumbers, spike hyzers, short skip upshots, extreme headwind control driver


176 Opto Fuse, (new) - understable mid
176 Eclipse Axis, (new) - stable mid
177 Eclipse Vector, (new) - slightly OS mid
177 Champion Gator-X, (used) - OS mid


2 x 172 Soft Wizard, (beat) - main putter
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Maybe a less stable/understable compliment to your Wizards? Other than that (and your habit of throwing expensive Innova), looks solid. Were you referring to a disc directly between your two Leopards? If so, buy another DX Leo or find a beat up Champ/Star in the marketplace. I would suggest against buying a premium plastic disc to fill that slot because there will be way too much overlap between it and your Leopards. Otherwise, keep beating up that ProLine...
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Pro leo or champ/star leo used would fit between your two.

For a big D driver, have you tried something slower like a pro wraith or an Orc? They should be a little easier to handle than the speed 13s...
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gripenemys2k : I find that my Wizards are beat enough that they'll hold a turn pretty well, but what would you suggest for an understable putter? Might be worth getting one that starts understable from new for tricky left-to-right upshots. A good call on just getting another new DX Leo and beating it in somewhat... using my existing one as a primary roller is no doubt what has caused it to become so extremely flippy.

And yes, I am sadly addicted to OOP Leopards/Teebirds!

Cyclone2 : I used to throw Wraiths, but I didn't find enough distance separation between them and the SOLF/SOLS combo, whereas the Katana and the uber-light Boss definitely allow for an extra 20-30ft.

Thanks for the feedback!
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