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Default Feedback Wanted Updated Bag

Years playing/experience: DG just under 2 years (second summer taking it seriously)
Right/left-handed/ambidextrous: right-handed
Throwing Style: RHBH, some OH, less FH
Golf Distance (avg/max*) for putter/mid/driver: Avair: 200/250'; Buzzz: 250/300'; River: 300/350'

Age: 28
Sex: M
Injuries/handicaps?: Nothing out of the ordinary
Other sport proficiencies?: Baseball, Hockey, Soccer small amount of ultimate

Additional Information: I haven't really tried any of the distance drives aside from starting with a 155 DX Beast which was far too much disc for me starting out.
What do you like/dislike about your current bag?: Not sure I'm missing anything or not.
Immediate and long-term goals: I'd like to have more consistency in the short-term, and gain some additional distance in the long-term


Drivers (weight/plastic/model/(condition)/use):
170 DX Firebird (new) - Utility/overstable/headwind
170 Champ Teebird, (new) - main driver stable
163 Star Leo (beat)-annys straight with minimal fade/control shots
169 GL River (8/10)-stable control driver. I really like the leo but it's getting flippy. The river doesn't handle the wind thus I have the TB for the wind

175 Opto Core (new)- straight mid pretty new still kind of figuring this disc out- anny's/straigt shots, flys just like my Z Buzzz
178 Opto Pain (new)- overstable mid rage, replaced the Roc for me.
180 DX Roc (slighly beat 6-7/10) stable mid slight fade

175 Star Aviar Driver 8/10 Driving Putter/upshots with risk of hitting trees
170 DX Avair 7/10 main putter
165 DX Avair 5/10 anny putter short right hand approach shots

170 Opto River Flys similarly to beat star leo. (but its really clear pinkish and hard to find when you don't see exactly where it lands)
177 Z Buzzz 8/10 straight mid used this in combo with beat Roc and fresh Roc for a bit. Opto Core has currently kicked it from the bag
170 DX Avair brand new backup/practice
175 Champ Beast 10/10 stable not a meat hook but it has some flashing on the rim still which makes it fly more stable than the flight ratings. I don't really see that I need that much disc most of the time. And I feel more confident with the fairway drivers.
unknown weight Champ Beast 7/10 haven't thrown much was given to me by a friend. Less stable than fresh 175 champ beast

So that's what I'm working with. I don't throw very far. I normally play Schenley Park http://www.dgcoursereview.com/course.php?id=106&mode=ci and I normally shoot a couple strokes over par. I've gotten much more consistent over the winter.

Does anyone find any glaring holes in my bag? Or does anyone have any disc suggestions to try based on my current bag?
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You might try adding in an understable mid for annys and turnovers. I'm currently trying out a Fuse and Meteor for my bag, both would fit in well based on what you're already throwing.

You could probably drop the leo in favor of the River. If you want one that will beat up a bit, try one in the test material. With a couple tree hits it should be a nice understable flier for you.

The Firebird in DX will beat up fast and will quickly start to overlap the teebird. While it's new, it should work out well for you, but when you find it starts to lose it's overstability, consider replacing it with a champ one.
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Thanks, I've thought about getting the Fuse as an understable mid. The GL River is more stable than the Leo. I agree they have some overlap but currently the Leo is much easier to turn over than the River. I'm much more comfortable throwing a controlled anny with the Leo. So I think it's staying for a while

Do you have any experience with the test material? I moved away from Roc's because I play mostly wooded courses and have tendancy to hit some (read: a lot of) trees. This could sometimes turn an overstable roc into a stable roc and a stable roc into a flippy roc. Thus I went to the opto pain for durabilty.

I worry that the test material river would go from nice and understable to more understable than I want it to be too fast. Although I like the idea in terms of mold minimization.
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