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Hole #5 Deer Lakes park

My 3rd ace and with an Opto Pure
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#17 (really #16) Williamsburg, 203 ft with a star stingray. Aimed it low and slow a little left of the target with slight rhbh hyzer release. The disc gently flipped about 10 feet from the ground at a 100 ft or so, turned right of target, then faded into the dead center a few inches above the basket rim. 5 yr Rainboy and father witnessed, the kid went spastic with giddy joy. 3rd ace within a year for the stingray.
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Congrats Hipster! That's a pretty hole and very much an ace teaser (I've hit the pin once, and know I'll get it one day!).
Tempted to retire that stingray, or keep riding it 'coz it goes where you want it to?
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Default FIRST ACE!!

August 19, 2012

# 11 Kilborne TPC, Charlotte, NC

Wide wooded fariway, about 305 slight downhill...a Buzzz ace dream. Like, the Inoova starter pack should come with an Aviar, a Roc, a Tbird, and Look! Hey! it's your first ace, #11, Kilborne! LOL

This was my first ace after a handfull of close calls. Started my Cryztal Z Buzz a bit left, it slowly, slowly, slowly worked right, back toward the basket. As soon as I was saying "that needs to slow down," CHING!

Nice feeling. To bad their wasn't another person anywhere around.
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I aced some hole at Monroe Community Park on Sunday.
It was a small wooded hole, near the end. Maybe hole 19?
I used a soft Anode.
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Default 11 aces this year.

Just figured I would give the opto pure some love. I have aced 10x with it so far! 11 aces this year though.
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Originally Posted by Captain Bad View Post
Hit an Ace yesterday on Hole 7 at Indian Riffle Park in Dayton, OH:

Blind dogleg right. Took a beat 12x Roc on a high anny line directly into the heart of the chains!
Shameless self-quote, but I aced this again this past Monday! Same hole, same disc, same line! But this time I did it during league and scored $200!!
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Hole #6 Ellicott Creek Park in Tonwanda, NY

Nice little hyzer with '09 World's Z Drone. It was looking like it was gonna be a nice ten footer, but took a beautiful skip and headed right home for ace number #4!
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8/24/2012 - Hole #2 - Winnebago County Park - Oshkosh, WI

A little 231' hole with the basket tucked in behind a pine tree. The pin is located in the middle of a 25-30' lane between the pines for the green. It is my 4th ace in 3 different decades and 1st on my home course. 1st throw of the day as well. 2 is closer to the parking lot than 1. I had a bad round 1 ace and 2 deuces all by this disc. I usually throw my Firebird on this hole, but the wind was going left to right so I threw something with a more stable hyzer line so the wind wouldn't push it OB over the fence behind the trees.

I am one of the few that goes into the water to retrieve the club or any ones discs with names to return to the disc golf shop so they get back to their rightful owners. I found this one with no name on it so it was my reward for getting 10 returned that day. I threw it twice unloading my bag and it won CTP on 2 different holes. 3rd time I threw it was in league and shanked the drive 200' the wrong way and into the water it went. A disc bagger got it and sold it to another shop that buys discs with names so I had to pay 10 to get it back. 2nd round back in my bag and it finds a basket. The relationship was meant to be in my opinion!


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Aced the 200' hole 4 at Hingiss Park in Kiel with an Opto Pure. Sailed right out of my hand split two trees with a three foot gap and fell right into the chains! My friend was more excited than me because he had never seen an ace.
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