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I hit my 4th Ace a couple weeks ago, Hole 3 at Dublin Park (180ft). The hole is so short that I almost feel bad counting it. Then I hit my 5th Ace on Sunday, hole 6 Athens State, during our PDGA league. Took home the $90 Ace Pot! Both were hit with my old Pro Rhyno!
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I picked up my first ever ace on Monday (10.15.2012) on the reds of hole 15 at Griffin Park in Norman, Oklahoma. I couldn't believe it. Heavily, heavily wooded hole without a real fairway, and I pulled out the GL Fuse and threw a soft, flat shot that slowly annied towards the basket and blasted the chains. I stood for a second expecting it to spit out, but there was no chance; it buried! I had two metal hits earlier in the round, and as we were walking to 15 my buddy said that I was going to soon bury one in the basket. He was dead on, and so was I! My wife and daughter were around the corner and heard the entire thing with the manly shouts and all, but didn't see the toss. Either way, my buddy saw, they heard, and I felt, and it was all gravy.

I'm still on a stoke from that shot. Ended up parking the next two holes and having a -4 shot swing to finish out the round. Nice way to end the day and shot my best round there ever at a 6-under. Haven't played since then due to work and school but I'm still feeling the buzz from that shot/round. Rad...

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^^^ a lot of the same feeling here

First ever Ace! Elver Park in Madison, WI hole 16. Hit it with a gl core.... no one was there too see it unfortunately. I stood for a second not believing my eyes. it was a rainy and crummy day but i shot one of my best rounds (im not good but workin on it) at -4 and i got an ace so it made up for it by a long shot.
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I got my second Ace at Sandy Creek Park on hole #11 from blues. Threw it with my tie-dye Z Crush sidearm and a beautiful S-turn straight into the basket. I thought it was a spit out at first so I didn't jump with joy until I saw it laying in the basket. No one was there to high five me though so I did a pat on the back marked my disc and went on with the round.

10-17-12 Chub (Name of the Crush) Got an Ace!
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First ace this evening on hole 9 at Schenley Park! Threw a Z Buzzz just hoping to get through the trees because there aren't any solid lines through them. As I watch it I actually thought to myself, "I hope they haven't changed the basket location." Just after that I poke my head to the left, spot the basket and the Buzzz hyzering in. Awesome feeling! I usually play alone so I've been kind of worried I'd hit an ace and not have any witnesses. Fortunately a group of 5 was letting me play through and got to witness the shot. Disc signed and retired.
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Default 2nd ace, 1st of 2012

My first ace was on 10/6/10 and I got my second on 10/2/12. Hole 4 at Lincoln Ridge with a Valk. BUT, if you throw ace in the woods and nobody is there to see it, did it really happen?
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Hit metal three times in one round today (200 ft, 230 ft, 340 ft)...nothing stuck. Actually it was three metals in one round on a 9 hole course (youth park in St. Pete). One hit dead center in the chains, bounced off the pole and shot straight back out and plopped on the ground.
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After roughly 6 years of playing disc golf I hit my first ace today. Hole 24 at Warrior's Path. Of course no one was there to witness it.
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Sunday 10/21, hit my first ace during my first tourney!
Pendaries Village DGC

What an adrenaline rush!

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My last ace was during the Minnesota Majestic. Second round I was playing with Will Schusterick, Eric McCabe, Paul Ullibari, and Greg Barsby (I had an awesome first round).

Our third hole was Hole 4 240 ft (http://www.dgcoursereview.com/view_i...4017&p=5beb507). I threw a beat 11x Roc straight and it skipped in. My nerves from playing with those guys disappeared after that and I held the box for the next three holes. Schusterick ended up winning the card, but Barsby, McCabe, and I were just one stroke back.

Warming up for the next round that afternoon I skip aced Hole 1 at Kaposia with another Roc and a large crowd. I got to play that round with Schusterick, McCabe, and Climo, but I was unable to keep up with the top dogs for 2 rounds in a row. Our last hole was Hole 1 and I missed skip acing it again by like 3 inches.

It was one of my most memorable aces and days of golf ever. It'll be hard to top it.

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