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Hadn't really been on here for a while, but I got my first ace back in September at Mazarick Park - East, in Fayetteville, NC. Threw a Roc on the second hole, and it cut right into the basket for the ace.

It was somewhat bittersweet because it was a pretty much brand new Roc, but since it's my first ace, I retired it, hahaha.

Here's the course page...
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Christmas eve, just got my Second ACE today in Bath, NY at Hickory Hill hole #6 used a pink "Z" Predator. Great way to end the 2012 yr.
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Ho ho hole in one! (You know one of those real ones)

Christmas Ace Hole 6 schumaker pond Salisbury md. Skip Ace! Super cool.

Merry Christmas everyone.

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Day after Christmas Ace!
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My first cash ace! I was playing glow league dubs at cedar hills tonight and my partner went first on hole 4 and parked it, then a couple cardmates were joking about him carrying me (not true) so I threw a low flick that skips off a root and crashes chains! $175! Flat top firebird
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Originally Posted by gknmnstr View Post
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Decided to get away from the family gathering at my parents house yesterday and go out to the nearest course in a neighboring town in sub-freezing temps (thankfully not much wind), and during the second round I was rewarded with the ugliest sounding ace ever.

Chautauqua Park, Beatrice, NE, Hole 16, Short tee to short placement, 172', with an Aviar (although the tee sign in the pic, which is long gone since that photo was taken, says 152').

I couldn't see the basket from the tee and just heard a loud clunk, thinking I had hit the top or face mask, as I moved towards the basket there it was in the tray.
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Got my third ace of the year today, fifth overall.

Chandler Run - Original in Tulsa, OK
Hole #18 - 195' uphill
150 Champ Leopard on an anny line through the biggest gap
(Yeah, a driver on a 195' hole, but it's uphill so )

Thing had the perfect line and faded just enough to smash the dead center of the chains, dead flat. Beauuuuutiful sounding CHING!!

Here is the picture, as the course has apparently been redesigned, the old picture isn't even close.


Back story:

I found a champ valkyrie on the other course on site, Moose Run. I talked to the guy and he said I should keep it. I thought, well, I don't believe in karma, but if I did, I'm due. Almost makes me a believer.
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Got my second ace of the year and 5th overall. I aced hole #6 at Timmons Park 175ft. I threw backhand buzzz on a hyzer right into the chains.

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congrats.. that the lil blind uphill one? trying to trace them out in my mind lol
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