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I took my then four yr old daughter and her friend to a local 9 hole park to throw, and after teeing off and watching as my disk did the huge hyzer bomb 150 ft out, my daughter proceeded to do what I did and threw her disc directly in to the soft spot under the base of my skull as hard as she could. I yelled, "F*ck!", then caught myself, calmed down, and told the then crying kids why we wait for the tee box to be clear before we throw our discs. I'd like to say I've gotten better since then...
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I got hit in the face with a Champion Orc once. Took my sunglasses right off my face and put them 10 feet away from me. It was my first year playing and I should have known better than to be down the fairway from my buddy. I couldn't be that mad about it.
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Wow, looks like there is a similar thread that I missed. That's what happens when you go into hiding for months at a time. Sorry prerube, I have failed you.

By the way, that is a funny a** story discdad, good stuff, I would have definitely dropped an f-bomb in that situation.
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Not too long ago I was playing (don't remember where) and these kids were throwing in on us. A couple of holes later I got hit in the leg. It wasn't horrible but I knew who did it.

Without hesitation, I picked up the disc and stuck it in my bag. Then this kid (maybe 13) comes up to me and says, "I think you have my disc." I looked at him and in a calm tone said, "Do you mean the one that hit me without warning? You know, if a disc hits someone it becomes theirs by default." I then looked away and continued on with my group. The poor kid didn't know what to say.

He followed me for about a hole and asked me for it back again. I picked up the disc out of my bag, looked him in the face and asked him, "Why should I give it back to you?" Again, he really did not know what to say. He was talking but all I remember is that he didn't even seem sorry that he had hit me. He seemed more interested in getting his disc back.

Now I was getting a little upset but not too much since this kid looked like he was going to crap himself. Then I said, "You need to wait until people are out of the way before you throw. And if your throw is going to even close to someone, you need to give them a warning before it gets to them....IT'S DANGEROUS. I should keep your disc just out of principal. But I'm going to give it back because you clearly are new and need to learn. If I were someone else they may have called the cops."

Then he gently took the disc from me and went on his way. I looked at the guys I was with and was like WTF? I told one of his buddies that he didn't even apologize! The next hole the kid said, "I'm sorry and I will try to be more careful." That's all I was looking for.

....damn kids.
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My dad and I were playing at Idlewild and I was putting on the practice basket. He went back to the car to get a disc he forgot and the next thing I know I see a disc out of the corner of my eye that drills me in my left eye. It hurt so bad but it was my dad so I let it slide lol.

The other one, we had just putted out on #16 at Mt Airy and was stepping away from the basket. This guy who saw us by the basket proceeds to throw a driver from about 200 ft that nails me in the knee and starts laughing. I picked the disc up and threw it right back over his head and yelled "is that funny", needless to say he didn't think it was.
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