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Default 2012 DGCR Secret Santa in July

All entries must be done via email to dgcrsecretsanta@gmail.com. Any PM's to me will be ignored (I don't have enough space to handle the amount of messages). In your email you need to include your name, street address we are shipping to, what qualifications you meet, and how many times you are playing. All general questions should be asked here. Most people know the low down and can help you out.

Minimum requirements to play (meet at least two)
1. Be a current Premium member
2. Minimum 5 positive Itrader feedback
3. Participate in a previous SS
4. Reputable member who can vouch for you
5. Silver Trusted Reviewer
6. Make a donation for my next Haiti trip (PM for details if you are seriously interested)

Participation Rules
1) Post what you dislike, what you throw and what you might want to try out. Also include your shirt and hat size. (this is just for ideas you probably won't get most of what you list.) No posting your dream list be realistic.
2) Post pictures of your package when it arrives.
3) Delivery confirmation is madatory!!! (you will email these to bcr123psu @ bcr123psu@gmail.com)
4) Minimum value of your gift must be $15 MSRP (including at least one new premium plastic disc or slightly used OOP) Used disc prices will be evaluated by a trusted source. Price will be determined by Marshall Street's prices.
5) Packages MUST be mailed no later than June 29, 2012
6) Complaining about the quality of your package is prohibited. Doing so will result in your banning from future Secret Santa's. (If you have a question about the value PM me before posting)

The Final day names will be accepted is midnight EST June 15th

Note: If you do not ship you will recieve two negative iTrader: one from me and one from your recipient.

The other members that are helping this go round are:
fishy (again!)

One of us will be pming you your recipient info over the weekend of June 16-17.

So be sure to thank them.
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I'm in!!! I figured I'd do my "what I throw, dislikes, etc." on a spreadsheet for easy viewing and editing!!

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Email sent Solomon You are awesome for doing this twice a year!

My info for my SS will be in my sig!
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Discs I'm not that into: Zeppelin, Gateway(except Wiz), Halo, Havoc

Discs I love: Cannon, PD, Pain, SE Drone, *DS Destroyers, Quasar, Wizards

Disc I'd like: [All 170+ please] S-PD2, TI Wasp(bright color), Pink TI Buzz, G9 Wizards, Icon Cannons, Legacy Ghost, Glow KC Pro Roc(10x mold remix), Glow Gator, 11x TeeBird, Boss, anything else will be appreciated as well

Swag: 2x or 3x Dri-Fit(Legacy would be EPIC), DD Hat, Legacy Hat, any flex fit hat(lol), Mini Driver, silver or gold sharpies, Black and Gold(GO HAWKEYES!!) paracord zipper pulls, any and all other shiz will be accepted and appreciated.

Thanks again for all you do on getting this together.
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E-mail sent. pretty sure I meet 2 requirements.

I throw;

SSS Wizards, Champ/Star TB's, Cannons, Wasps, Drones, Buzzz's, Destroyers, Bosses, Challengers, Comets...uhhhh...whatever...I'll be happy with anything that I get... would love some Ti wasps/buzzz's...but like I said, idc, its all in the nature of giving and receiving...spread love.... : )

oh yeah, shirts - xl - hats - Lrg - XL
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Sweet! Thanks for doing this again Sol! You know if I'm helping I'm in! I'll just add my info to the spreadsheet.

I wear an XL shirt, drink craft beer (always a good box filler!), I've been tinkering with my mids more than anything and would like to try a Lycan, gummy champ roc, Warship. I also like Photon glow stuff. Also I really like easy to find drivers and mids: Pink, Chartreuse. For putters the color isn't that critical since I usually don't throw them blindly. For Putters I like soft Vibram (ridge or VP), Ions or.. I'm down to try anything.

Things I'm not fond of: the gold color of Lattitude's GL plastic. Amazing how hard that is to find! Not a huge fan of oversized discs (Condor, Zepplin, Lynx) just can't get them comfortably in the bag. I throw below speed 10 mostly, but if it's a sick dye job or cool colorshift I'm down to hang it on the wall. I also like collectors stuff, I was informed I'm a collector (hoarder). basically whatever the Latest and Greatest is!

Last edited by Fishy; 05-05-2012 at 10:29 AM.
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I'm in! I don't really care what kind of plastic I get, but there are a few recently lost discs I would love to fill:
Opto XXX
FLX Surge
Champ Eagle

But anything and everything I get would be greatly appreciated! My hat size is Large (Or 7 3/8 for New Era) as is my shirt size.

Other things I like: Cleveland sports, cool minis, silver sharpies, Soccer (Crew Nation), Throwback sports stuff.

Thanks in advance if you are my SS!
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Be sure everyone give Sol some reputation points for doing this! It's the scales at the top right of the original post
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Very excited for this!

Shirt size- medium/large
Hat size- M, M/L, 7 and a quarter
-- If you want to get me some clothes I like really plain ones, and would prefer a hat over a shirt. By plain I mean solid dark colors, not pin-stripes or plaid hah.

Don't like- Wolf, Groove, Dragon, Wahoo, etc.

Likes- I really like orange discs, especially orange versions of what is in my signature, pretty much all westside and lat 64 (especially orange swords and GL fuses).
-- I have been looking for a purple or goldish bulldog (not r-pro) for ever, I go to JMU and my mascot is the bulldog and our colors are purple and gold. : )
-- Also have be looking everywhere for an orange pro Rhyno (not r-pro), I mean Everywhere! haha

Thanks in advance!
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My email has been sent... I will update my sig to reflect my "would love to try" list
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