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Default Disc Golf Dye Solution Mix

I am recently new to dying discs and have seen a lot of mixed results in my work so far. I first started using the powdered dye from RIT and giving the discs a dye bath, but I wasn't seeing the results I wanted. I then ordered some liquid dye from Custom Disc Golf on Ebay (mix with Rubbing Alcohol). I was seeing ok results but began mixing in a little of the RIT powdered dye to make the mixture less watery. That seemed to make a difference.

I just got some X-Out white Star plastic discs. The first one I did I used my mixture of Custom Disc Golf Dye and RIT dye and went over it with just RIT dye and Rubbing Alcohol mixture. The next one I couldn't get the disc to take the black the same and it came out kind of faded with both mixtures.

I've read on the forum about using RIT dye and shaving cream or RIT dye and Laundry detergent. I was wondering if there are any secrets anyone is willing to share about getting more consistent results.

I've got a vinyl cutter and access to a cad system and would be willing to trade some design/stencil work for any other ideas.
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Check out the Sticky on Dyeing techniques. It has great info on painting on the dyes.
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