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For discs available in multiple grades of plastic, the
ratings represent an average across the plastic

it might be due to ^^^

the PD is available in Pro and will have what might be a similar flight to an Opto Saint

I don't know enough about the FD to speak about it

the PD is a bit more OS than the Saint which may explain the power requirement

but otherwise they are Spd 9 discs
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Originally Posted by curveball4 View Post
Anybody noticed the updates on Joe's? The PD, FD, & Saint have the exact same numbers except the PD has a power req. of 5 & the other 2 are 4.
I also saw the Trak had a 5 power requirement, if I recall correctly, which I found odd.

I certainly wouldn't put the FD in the same distance range as the PD or Saint, that's for sure.
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I actually like the air saint. For my power level, 225-250, I am getting an extra 30 to 50 feet distance with less effort. Got me my first 300 foot drive. I pulled my reg saint from the bag for the air version.
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To me, the Saint appears to be Lat 64's Teebird rendition, albeit less stable. Looking closely and measuring the rim, the configuration(concavity, curvature, edge sharpness) between the two is identical, and the width is right at 1.8cm for both, despite claims of 1.9cm for the Saint, and some sources listing 1.7cm for the Teebird.

I own both, in champ and opto, and the Saint does not have better distance or glide than the Teebird. The Saint is NOT like the Diamond when it comes to glide.

The Saint is definitely straighter than the Teebird, with a later and more gradual fade.

Bottomline for me is that there's too much overlap to have both in the bag. Both very good discs, take your pick.
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I love my opto saint. It isnt beating in as quickly as Id like. Thats a good thing for some, but I was looking for it to be my eagle x since I dont like EX feel. Time will tell but I think it will ba a winner.
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GL tends to beat in much quicker than opto in my experience so that may be the route to go
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I've been throwing teebirds for 5 years and know their stability. I got Worlds Saint few weeks ago and couldn't believe the straight line! I thought I might have scared Teebird. BUT Worlds Saint got lil beat and seems to get less stability and more understable when thrown flat. I can't get the straight line anymore and I tried to hyzer flip but stays overstable.

Both Teebird and Saint are definitely different animals. Teebird has longer stability then Saint so far in my experience. If Saint was in Star then the stability will stay in for long time.

I might have sweet spot for long anny with Worlds Saint that could battle with my beat S-TD.
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I'm in love with my Saints, they've become my go-to driver for sure. They are also a great pair with my Leopards. I've added a Champ Banshee for flicks and tomahawks too. One line where I'm not completely confident with Saints is the fresh Teebird line, where you want the disc to fly straight down the fairway and then finish hard left in the end. If the hole is short, I can pull out my Banshee or JOKERi. But when I want to reach 300' with a healthy fade in the end, I'm a bit lost.

I currently carry three Saints: a 164g & a 173g GL and one 164g Opto. How beefy is a max weight Opto Saint? Does it fade more than a max weight GL? I prefer the feel of GL/TP in my drivers though.
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at 300' a max wt opto Saint should do okay, but this is the reason I still carry TBs. My 173 Opto is pretty reliable and works in some winds, but doesn't fade like a good champ TB will. On low, hard shots it flips up and comes back only a little left. (~330')

Generally I have to give them the hyzer I want 'em to finish with.
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I had a one for one comparison yesterday with my 6 month old Opto Saint and simmarly aged Star Teebird.

I'll restate something I've said in this thread in that to me they are very similar flight when thrown at different power levels. The saint feels designed to glide, to be put on a slightly hyzer line, flip up a flat and go for a while, either finishing with a slight fade or none depending on wind, power, hyzer, and form. When thrown lightly I can see the Teebird comparisons but when thrown with much power I would call it more a faster leopard type disc.

The Star Teebird as many have said is a power disc. It wants to be thrown with considerablely more power to fly straight over comparable distances. I got mine to take a perfect flight down my 500 foot driveway shot yesterday at dusk and it was a thing of beauty watching a Teebird lock into a dead straight line and disappear into the shadows almost an eight of a mile away ( now to find that disc today).

To throw the saint down that same hill would require hyzer and a definite light touch to not get a flip to the right. The Teebird was thrown flat with some power.
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