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Odd. I'd be interested to know from that guy what he feels the routine does, exactly.

There's a guy here in league who does a lengthy and fairly bizarre series of wrist flicks before throwing, and they seem to have zero correlation with his drive (but he can definitely air it out).

I've caught myself doing a pre-throw thump of the disc on my butt (to tap off any snow) in 70+ degree weather.
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It looks like he is trying to mark his x-step path back to the starting point. I almost expected him to start out without looking at the basket again after he get's to the back of the tee box. Maybe I'll try it today and see what my buddies reactions are!
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Originally Posted by CwAlbino View Post
I don't see that guy throwing very far... But maybe he would surprise me...
That's a messed up routine.
i've seen the guy play multitudes of times, he's local from near alpharetta, did you see where several other people have commented he's a 4 times world champ, and still a top touring pro, he's been 1000 rated forever
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Default Odd pre-drive routines?

Has anyone else ever noticed this? Someone is on the pad getting ready to throw. They do a little mock run up, yet their arm motion doesn't really even resemble anything close to good form. I've even noticed this with open players. Especially with forehand shots. They do this, then their arm movement during their actual shot looks completely different. I don't know about anyone else, but when I take a "practice swing," I try to have my mechanics spot on with how I'm gonna throw my shot.
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Maybe I'm just an a-hole but a lot of peoples pre drive and pre putt routines drive me nuts and at least 70% look completely counter productive!
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"Odd" routines are mainly focus points.
I'm not sure how "odd" any of mine are, but helps me to concentrate on the shot.
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Oddest one I ever ran across was a couple of years ago. This guy was literally doing a dance before he teed off. He was turning circles, bending over and almost touching the ground while he was "dancing."... really wierd. Like he was doing some sort of crazy Drive Dance to the Disc Golf Gods. He actually threw pretty well I must say.
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Yep, as MrFixIt pointed out the pre-shot routine is just something players do to relax and focus. The motions have nothing to do with the physical throw. They could be doing jumping jacks for all you care, as long as they do it every time and it helps them mentally dial in then it's helpful.
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I find it helps me to stand where I will release my throw from to plan my target point and line. I'll put my arm out to help this visualisation but I don't do the "foe swing"
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I think it's from just trying to emulate other peoples pre-drive routines. Kind of like hanging with someone for a certain period of time who laughs a certain way and then sub-consciously laughing like that person without realizing it later on. Or better yet, moving somewhere and taking on a partial accent.

Don't listen to me, it's early.
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