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Default I'm back for the season and leisure play handicap.

Hi everyone. I am back for the disc golf season. At least in my area most people take a break from playing golf in the winter time.

My wife and I cannot wait to get out and play both our local courses and some others further away in our region. We are still learning have picked up a lot from other more experienced we have seen on the courses who love answering our questions.

Right now we have been a bit delayed at starting our leisure play and it is also delaying our gaining the necessary experience at being good enough to join a local league. The reason for the delay is I had my right knee scoped to repair some damage after injuries from two falls this past winter. I am still recovering and still have some pain, pressure, swelling and discomfort.

Right now walking on hilly terrain is very challenging so we have to select courses that have flatter terrain. There are courses in the region we are going to start playing that are flat.

If I am not mistaken there is a handicap for people with physical limitations and even disabilities, whether temporary or permanent in league and competition play. But what about leisure play? Could my wife and I make up a handicap since I am not yet able to do a run up to tee off, etc? What re the typical handicap for competition/league play according to the PDGA rules for those with physical disabilities and limitiations?
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There is no special handicap for players with various disabilities. The PDGA will calculate your rating based on your play in sanctioned events. From that rating, you can determine your handicap in throws relative to a scratch 1000 rated gold level player or a red level recreational player who averages 850 rating.

You can roughly determine your rating without playing events by comparing your scores on a course you play against the ratings produced when that course was played in competition. You might need to contact the person listed as the contact for the course to find out what tournaments were played on the course. They might even be able to tell you approximately what your score rates. Good luck and welcome back to playing.
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When my wife used to play she would get a free stroke on every hole. Par 3's she would play as par 4. Instead of being +20 on a par 54 course, she would be +2, and even though it's the same # of throws, it helped her to enjoy it more. Casual rounds, of course.
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