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Originally Posted by cjowo View Post
I just ordered 2 clear HPP Magics yesterday. You guys are making me feel bad about paying $30 for the two by mentioning this 5 for $50 deal! Is the deal only for wizards?
It's 5 for $40 or 10 for $70 all day long SHIPPED for any standard discs, putters, mids, or drivers. You just pay more for special runs like glow stuff or clear Evolution plastic.
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I was a wizard guy after trying lots of other putters. But now its my 3rd choice behind

#1 Banger Gt
#2 Old school Aviar that seems to be bigger in diameter
#3 SS Wizard in recycled plastic
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I throw Gateway putters because I get the exact feel I want. How much different does a mold make inside 10-15 feet anyway? I don't like Wizards, but Magics are the straightest putters I've ever thrown and I use them 75 feet in.
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Since we are on the subject of wizards what runs are the $$$ Wizards? Are the regular stamped SSS wizards the same or do they have a different feel? Reason I'm asking, I just got a new smoke colored $$$ Wiz and I'm luv'in it. If it keeps treating me well then it may kick out my aviars.
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I have a FRR Wizard and love the feel but its too overstable for me. I have a MVP soft glow anode on its way. I hope that its a straighter putter for me....
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I threw both before I adopted MVP putters...here's my take.

Wizard - It starts out a little too overstable, which is good because the best Wizards don't come in premium plastic. Like a Roc you can carry a fresh for more overstable lines, have super beat to flippy Wizards plus some perfectly seasoned straight Wizards. I've yet to throw a disc that is available in more plastic blends and the mold feels great in the hand. They have an excellent combo of glide and reliable fade for a driving putter, but IMO are outclassed by the glidier and still reliable MVP putters.

Magic - Insanely straight in calm conditions on a lower power throw. This is one oc tbose discs that when thrown right you can get a real zero fade shot out of. They can hold any line you need if your form is clean. Downsides are in a headwind or a full power drive they show a strong amount of high speed turn, but for calm condition short range shots they are absolutely deadly precise.
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RFF plastic is still the best plastic I've ever felt. Like Mike C said, nobody can touch Gateway's variety of plastic blends.

If MVP didn't exist, Gateway putters are all I'd ever use.
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I agree w mike c. I throw outside in my yard with dozens of putters. My ions do fly further than my wizards. That said I prefer ions to drive and wizards to putt. Although I've been playing w a pure in 2nd run test material which has a great feel and throws nice. I have one magic and it does hold a nice anny, dead straight disc.
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How much different are the Evo Wizards and Magics compared to base plastic? I use medium Wizards for everything I can and I'm tempted to try the Evos. About Magics I don't know much, I only have a seasoned soft that I got from my friend.
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You'll lose some glide with Evos. Might want to try a lighter weight.
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