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Max weight and in REALLY good shape. Looks like it's played 1 or 2 rounds of golf in it's life. Been in a box for at least the last 10 years.
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^^I would say about a 100 give or take.......Depends on what you mean by really good shape. If its mint I would think 130ish........therefore my final answer (because it does look real nice IMO) would be

90-120.....I know that is a wide range, but I wouldn't exactly consider myself an expert
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Originally Posted by dekdo View Post
Whats this worth...

Its a Glow Champion Firebird 175g from "Pyramids 22" June 4 2011 in Leicester, Massachusetts.

8.5/10 good condition, very few scuffs.
Might be a custom dye, not really sure...it was like this when I got it.

If it's the newer domey runs, stock price. If it's from the old flat runs, a bit more.
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I picked this up today. Id say 8.5 because the stamps fading and a few marking from being thrown a handful of times.
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Originally Posted by discreid View Post
174, 9/10 Rampage. Worth anything yet?
lol, yeah retail. These are still on the shelves.
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Circle stamp scorpion 5/10 didn't realize significance of disc until I began to throw it. Needless to say, my home course is rocky
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8-8.5 CFR Ranco Roc, scaled at 180. 2004 Red Rock Show stamphttp://http://www.flickr.com/photos/...05/8466610124/
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180 2004 roc I picked up today 7/10 because of one small cigarette burn at around 7 oclock. no ink what is this baby worth?
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What are the Japan Open RC3's going for? (not so) pearly purple and crystal blue, new, max wt. Thanks!

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10x KC Pro Roc 177g 7/10

Discraft APX Swirl, No Stamp, 172g, 6.5-7/10

10x KC Pro Cheetah, Tye Dye, 175g, 8-10
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