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Wow! Thanks for all the replies and help.

Sounds like I definitely need to work on my technique if I'm cranking the Monarch that far right. I actually do have a Buzzz and can keep that one fairly straight. I got a round in yesterday and almost thought about switching to that instead of the Monarch, but was determined to master it (the guy I was playing with was using my JLS).

I also have a Shark, which I used to be able to throw decent, but has gotten wobbly on me recently, not sure what's up with that.
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As a lefty (backhand) relatively new to the game, here are my thoughts.

Get a Stratus. It will go understable (to the left) when thrown with speed. This is really helpful for all the "easy" holes for the righties.... It's been a godsend for me.

I echo what everyone else said as well, go with slower drivers. The Valkyrie has been my best disc, with the new Mamba threatening to take its place for distance.

Like most newbies, I bought a lot of plastic, including a Monarch (and Groove!). But I've since settled down to just a few:

- Valkyrie - for drives where I want some right-curve
- Mamba - for longer drives
- Stratus - for anything to the left
- Super Stingray - for mid-range and putting

Sure I carry more, but these are the ones i reach for every time.

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I'm a LHBH thrower been playing for about a year now. I started out with a bunch of different discs until I was able to narrow down what I liked and what I felt really worked for me. That said, I ended up with about 4 discs as I worked on my consistency.

One thing worth mentioning is weight. I was buying all max weight discs and was really struggling. I finally settled on 165-169 discs.

I throw mostly innova but have started trying out other brands, here's my recommendations.

Soft Challenger
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I LHBH and am not very good as well!

I can't live without:

Discraft Stratus (my buzzz when the course turns left and has obsticales.)
I cant pitch this disc enough for LHBH! The stratus is nice and slow, very easy to shape left turning lines with or without fade. It is a large diameter disc and has a unique feel to the rim (shallow). The X plastic holds up nice to impacts & seems to require less and less power to throw with every hit. Sure... you can throw the same line with a buzzz by using an anhyzer throw, but why bother when there is a disc that will ride the line without risking poor release. But never throw it into a headwind (goes with all understable to mildly stable discs)
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Discraft Buzzz SS
Innova Cobra

Good mid ranges that will grow with your form and help get controllable distance
From there I'd recommend a neutral, easy to throw fairway driver like...

Innova Leopard
Discraft XL
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Don't get hung up on the RH, LH thing. There is no real difference in what discs work best based on what hand you throw. I'm a lefty. An overstable disc should go right for you. An understable disc will hopefully go left or at least not as far right. Try something lighter and not too fast. The first disc I was able to throw with any distance and accuracy was a 150g Champion Leopard. Does everything well and its pretty forgiving for technique flaws. I got a 150g Champ Leopard 5 years ago and I still have one in my bag.
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Originally Posted by Dan Ensor View Post
Don't look too hard for a "Stalker SS".
ya ya ya..

I made a mistake on a couple of posts..

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Default Lefty here

Get a Mamba and or a Leopard.

Those disc are good for turning left for you and will go far.

Agree with everyone else, go with lighter weights and I would only play with a buzz and putter. Leave the high-speed disc alone. Until you can throw flat and straight.
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Leopards are great, I still use them.
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I'm also a lefty but have terrible trouble with my drives, currently using a Valk. As soon as I release the disc I just put my head down because I know it's gonna go right on me. My friend, a righty, has been helping me but apparently I'm not grasping what he's trying to impart on me. Any help or guidance would be greatly appreciated.
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