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Originally Posted by chrishysell View Post
I'm always confident but my key is not to let a missed putt affect me
Especially in practice!

When I discovered 60ft is the new 30 ft (thanks AO), I knew I had to start getting better at longer putts. All I did was mix in long putts to my normal putting practice. Try everything. Jumpers, step through, stand still etc… Practice and experiment and believe that what you’re doing will result in more made putts.
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Originally Posted by DiscJunkie View Post
3. Work on being able to relax and get it to the basket, then work on accuracy, not the other way around.
I like this. I always tend to really snap/flick at my putts, mostly due to me stressin myself out. I let the elements/factors get in the way of relaxing and just playing. My mind turns to wind, distance, height, grip... everything you can think of. By the time I throw I feel like Jar Jar Binks holding up a sign that says "I'm my own walking calamity."

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I have a very unconvential throwing style for everything, but putts are perhaps the wierdest. (as an example, I drive exclusively forehand, with a two-finger grip) My putting stance is still PDGA legal, but I've never seen anyone but my brother and I do it.

Anyway, back to my point. For YEARS I used a midrange for anything beyond 25 feet. I nearly always hit the basket, but sometimes it would have so much stank on it that it would blast through the chains. I never really considered anything differently until recently when I was gifted with a Vibram Ridge firm. In a case of "arrow or archer?" I just started getting more and more confident to the point I was making putts way outside the circle. I watched my overall scores drop as I wasn't having to lay up every hole.

On a lark, I used my old Champion Rhyno last week for some long putts and found myself sinking them. It answered my question...it definetly wasn't the arrow. Basically, this is a long ramble to tell you the most important part of putting: CONFIDENCE. Don't just THINK you're going to make it...KNOW that you're going to make it! Best of luck!
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Here is the key - Learn the speed you have to put on your putter in order for it to fly straight for the distance you desire before fading. Fade happens when the disc slows. So you want to be able to putt right at the chains. I do that out to probably 60. Beyond that I aim a little high and right and let it fade into the chains. That is my trick anyway. Works really well for me.
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I got to see yeti do a quick clinic at the jersey jam Saturday. Pissed I didnt pick up the two first run putters he had they were so concave it was ridiculous.
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Work on approach to get you to where you're comfortable putting from.
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Just a little bit to add to the great advice already, when I up to the longer range putts I remind myself, "You already know what you need to do, you've made this shot before, now just f**king do it." So I guess confidence. Fake it till you make it.
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Relax take your time align and trex it with no arm
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How many long putts do you take in a round, and how many putts inside the circle? It is clear which type of practice will have a greater impact on the score.

My theory is, I can make a stronger run at the longer putts if I know I am perfect inside 20ft -- that erases any concern about turning it into a 3-putt.

So I practice mostly inside the circle, trying to get to the point where I am 100% inside 20ft (I am not close, yet), because those are the misses that really gnaw at me.
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I use my pitch putting style 30ft and in and my jump putting outside of 35ft.

The keys to my success in putting is find something you are good with and keep working with it.Even if it is with 3 putters.

I just recently found that after many years I'm dead accurate with very overstable putters(Zone's and Ringer's) 30ft and in.When I'm jump putting I use a Banger GT because of the feel.

A lot of guys around here don't see how I can putt with 3 putters(It was just 2,but figured out some more things about my putting game).It comes down to knowing your putter and what it can do.Since the Zone is fast and overstable and has some glide I can nail uphill putts and straight on putts with it.Since the Ringer is overstable also,but doesn't have as much glide,it's good for downhill putts,downward angled putts and straddle putts.The Banger GT is stable,but is easily controllable(groove in disc),so it works great for confident releases when jump putting.

Oh another tidbit of info.When Jump putting you can easily roll your wrist over causing you to miss right if you are not use to it.Work on shorter Jump putts,but keep your angle on the disc the same you would when doing your makeable putts.This will help out a ton when jump putting.
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