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I think the fourth post on the second page here has a better picture than the first link in this thread.

If you don't get all the references to slip, microslip, half-hitting, etc. there's no solution but to read.
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The entire towel argument is a lot like the audible snap argument to me. It's impossible to break down whether or not someone knows what they are talking about based on these topics, but the towel one bugs me a lot. When people say if you can snap a towel you can snap a disc, I'm 99% sure, at least I hope, that they aren't talking about the kind of towel snapping you do with you're playing grabass with your buddies in the shower (joking). But to say it's nothing like snapping a towel, you have to then define what you mean by snapping a towel. So it's flawed from the get go. Let's all just say that when we're talking about snapping a towel, we're talking about what he's talking about at 6:50 mark of the video below. Deal?

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The whole idea of the 'towel drill' is to get the feeling of late acceleration, nothing more. To crack a towel, a whip or pretty much anything, it's all about quick movement toward the end.

That's only a very small portion of what people refer to as 'snap', and to really maximize your distance, you need to get your body into the throw. Something that the towel drill doesn't do (nor was it meant to).
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search for topics on hammer pound.
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Snap is the motion that generates the initial spin of the disc. If you're throwing the disc, you have snap. The goal is not create more snap, since that's only done by pulling the disc to a greater speed; the goal of the golfer is to have the least impedance on the snap that's generated. This is done by allowing the hand to rotate with the momentum of the disc (hence the hammer drills). The towel drill has a couple of functions: It's so you can see what a loose wrist (or a wrist that isn't hindering the snap) feels like and it also will allow you practice arm acceleration at home using a driving motion with the towel.
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