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Default Out of the Bag

I thought it could be interesting to see what we all have removed from our bag this year. Not lost, but made the choice to take it out of youra in bag (I only have the one, but I know a lot of you have multiple).

This is the first year I've really tried to improve my game and not just be good enough to beat my friends, so I had a lot of turnover as my form improved and I could make discs do work naturaly instead of forcing them to do it. Heck, before this year I only carried one midrange and only used it for anny shots from basket to 150 feet.


FLX Avenger SS - I've used and abused it for years, but I've cut down on my driver molds and I have a wraith that flies the same.
Champion Roadrunner - this one replaced a lost one, but this disc never really clicked with me. I more carried it around for a few months than threw it.
Blizzard Katana - came out at beginning of the year. I love the look of a katana's flight, but I don't play anywhere that I can throw it.
Blizzard Boss - I lost a blizzard boss in the late fall and replaced it this spring. This one never clicked.
Star Boss - I used the heck out of this disc. I love the boss. I find it easier to control than a destroyer, but as I moved to eliminate molds this one lost out. I can't do as much with the boss as with a wraith.
Star destroyer - I only ever used it as a second tee shot. Destroyers have never been my jam.
Star Vulcan - replaced by a beat wraith.

Fairway Drivers
Champion TL - decided to go with just the old regular teebird.
Gold Line River - my teebirds cover the shots I used it for.
Eclipse Glow Amp - was a factory misprint I tried out for a few months. It doesn't fly right, but I tried to find a use for it (neat triple stamp). It's overstable. Like, felon overstable.

Dx Roc - I went from no midrange in my bag to to many. This one lost out.
KC Pro Roc - roc3 bumped this one. Both rock might find there way back in. I'm currently trying to decide on what midrange I want to carry as o carry a few that overlap. If I decide to go roc these will probably go back in to get beat up.

Mvp Ion 3rd run - I don't like it for putts, but do for upshots. Problem is its an ugly green, previous owner did some ugly sharpie work, and it doesn't fly like newer ions so I can't get a compliment to it for a reasonable price.
Soft Magnet x3 - putter I switched to last year. Decided to try firmer putters this year so these got bounced.
Champion aviar - I honestly bought it because it looked cool (red yellow clear tye dye). Pain in the rear to find. Replaced it with a bright pink envy.
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I'm often experimenting, so discs are in and out of my bag, but here are some of the "bigger" changes:

Probably the Valkyrie and the Roc3 coming out of my bag in the past few months are the biggest ones. The Compass and then the Titanium Buzzz replaced the Roc3. The Valkyrie was replaced by the Fury (and recently, the Sidewinder) on the more understable side, and the Saint on the more stable side.

The Prodigy M4 finally came out of the bag, as I found the Star Mirage is really more of a mid than an approach disc on the understable side.
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Took out the Truth and Verdict. Went back to Rocs
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Lost my Heat and haven't replaced it so it's out. Might revisit if the gap between P-PD and Seer warrants it.

Tried out the Roach and Swan1 in place of the Serpent for putting. Just couldn't out-perform the Serpent.

Not sure if last year or this year but the Evidence replaced my Squall too.
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I've purchased dozens of discs in the last nine months and currently have 23 in my bag

I'm not going to bore anyone with specifics why any got booted or we'd be here all night!

The short version is that, once I got a full bag, I shifted from having a ton of 12-13 speed discs and a full handful of mids to my current lineup which is dominated by 7-9 speed discs with only 4 DDs (Daedalus is likely gone as soon as I need room for something new) and only 3 mids

The Comet has been in my bag the longest, followed by the Boss

Here's the list of rejects (in no particular order)
Champ Teerex (I still bag two Star Teerexs)
Rancho Roc
Scale (just got too beat up - I bag a newer one)
Blizzard Wraith (bag a Champ)
Blizzard Boss

Also lost a Nuke and won't replace it
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Z tracker, got to league where entry is a disc, winner picks first. Forgot the one I wanted to throw in, figured that's the one that I would miss the least.
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My bag doesn't change that much. I try new molds/plastics from time to time. A vast majority of them never get used besides to test them out during field work. My tournament bag rarely changes. Though this year I did change up my driving putters.

KC Aviars - I just recently stopped cycling KC Aviars. I carried 3 KC Aviars in my bag for driving/approaches. I did that for a few years. They covered every slot I needed well (New Overstable, Seasoned to Straight, Beat to Understable). The problem was I hated when I had Aviars beat in between those slots. Like when an Aviar had noticeably less fade than when it was new but not quite straight yet. I don't have room in my bag to carry more Aviars so I couldn't keep those "in between Aviars" in there (cycling 5 probably would have been perfect). I also couldn't bring myself to throw them into a wall to try to get them to my desired level of stability. So now after years of cycling I have a bunch of KC Aviars. I'm not mad though because I still putt with KCs & prefer them a little beat up anyway. I play a lot of very wooded courses. So I decided I wanted a KC Aviar that would beat in very slowly. So now I use a Glow Champion BB Aviar. I've also paired it with a Nova to round out my driving putters. I do miss having a flippy driving putter. I might throw one back into the mix. Though I've been working on flicking my Gator a lot lately. So the loss of my flippy putter hasn't impacted my game as much as I originally thought it would.
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I threw my Mongoose into a lake.
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Originally Posted by Broken Shoulder View Post
I threw my Mongoose into a lake.
Interjecting tone into your post, it almost sounds like it may not have been an accident!
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Took these ones out of my bag from last year:
Mantis, Aviar, Cro, Giant, Buzzz, Scythe, Envy, Tursas

Briefly in the bag this year (good discs):
eMac Truth, Serpent, Longbowman, Tyrant, Valkyrie

Briefly in the bag this year (duds):
Freedom, Zephyr, Raptor, Lockjaw, Roc3
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