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Default What are the benefits of building a disc golf course?

I have been building a disc golf course at Linbrook Park for the last 2 years. The baskets for the front 9 have been in since June.

Well, since then, the borough has decided to stop the construction of the course. Apparently it was not presented to council properly and they now want to have us present our proposal for the course.........(I'll spare you the long details)

Anyway, in the presentation they want to know" What are the benefits of a disc golf course"?

So, I am here to get some answers and opinions to help me present my case.

Post away please.
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Good way to stay active, it's cheap, it's pretty good for a fully family, it's cheap to maintain, it can be on multi use parks. If it's in an area that has a lot of traffic you can charge to play. etc etc...
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Increased foot traffic leads to higher visibility. I.e. as long as you don't fill the course with chuckers, you'll see lower crime rates. Example: Mt. Airy park in Cincinnati.
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It gets more people to talk about and use a park that otherwise wouldn't be.
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I don't remember the titles, but there have been some other threads like this with some good support material offered. Use the search feature and see if you can hunt them down. I think Davidsauls had some good info in one of those threads. Good luck.
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one idea is to use some verbage of existing things from youth centers and teen leagues etc... take apart and pick out the words that fit your bill.



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It generally uses parts of the park that otherwise would go unused.
Local club volunteers often put in time to help with maintenance (how many soccer and baseball teams would do the same?)
It's an activity that is good exercise and low impact enough to be good for all ages, from children to senior citizens.
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While creating a disc golf course you can clear away non native - invasive species of flaura that harm or rob natural trees of nutrients.

Safety, opening up woods and non used areas to traffic makes it harder for shenanigans to occur in hidden areas.
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Here is a document I made to present to my city council:


If you PM me, I am happy to make minor modifications for you (take out the "Canada" refrence, put in your club or contact info on the bottom, that sort of thing.
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A course is also a small tourist attraction.

I've played courses in 24 states. I've played with visitors from about as many. Heck, I'm in South Carolina, with a lightly-played course in the boondocks, and I've played with at least a half-dozen people from Minnesota and Wisconsin, and had visitors from Edmonton and Alaska, among other places.

Just look at the "courses played" lists of Danhyzer and Martin Dewgarita, and think how much gas and how many snacks and drinks they've bought in those 2000 places.

Heck, just look at this website.

And that's all before you ever host a tournament and bring in 50-100 people for a weekend.

Sure, it's not a BIG tourist attraction. But people love to travel near and far to check out courses, and some are going to spend money in your town.
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