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I'm going to start out with a nice Ontario roc straight down the chute and hopefully it makes the bend. From there maybe the River for the second throw. Ion or Q-Omega for the approach and putt.
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So pumped for the Southeast Collegiate Open this weekend @ the IDGC!!!

I believe we'll be playing team doubles on WR Jackson like in years past.

Don't remember what I've thrown here the other times I've played the course, but I'll probably go either aggressive with a Rampage RHFH/flippy Eagle-L RHBH or conservative with a Meteor RHBH. (also depends on if I'm throwing first or second on this hole ... might not even be driving on this hole depending on how the order is set up).

Gonna be an awesome weekend!
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ESP FLX Avenger SS - ESP Cyclone - Ghost - Pro Pig
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hmm would be hard not to throw a Leo but would prob play it safe and RHBH ESP Meteor.. hard to say from there but prob another Meteor or seasoned Buzzz.. Leopard if room but doesnt really look like it lol
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Probably would try a Leopard, then hopefully be in position for a Teebird. Probably would need a couple of Wizards after that. Probably will hit multiple trees. Might be smarter to stick to a good safe Buzzz-Buzzz to start.
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Off the tee placement is critical... Picture doesn't do it justice but the fairway goes WAY downhill. Good amount of room to work something, but typically I throw a voodoo down to try to keep it straight or attempt to turn the corner with a fuse. The hole then takes a 90 degree turn and goes way back uphill with trees splitting the fairway into a tight left side or a wider open right side. If you play smart off the tee you have a good look at a backhand to get it close to the basket. But most people are looking at a 4 at best, 5 if you're lucky, and more likely 6+. Very tough hole on an awesome course.
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Looks really short to the turn, but it really depends on how accurate the map on the tee sign is.

RHFH Trident to the turn, then Buzzz until I can putt.
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Unless you're throwing RHFH, putter or beat mid off the tee for RHBH is advisable due to the elevation drop and the need to either stop the disc at the bottom from overflying the next fairway or try to get around the turn and still stay in the fairway. The fairway after the turn is split so your next shot might be a long, flat, slightly uphill drive that stalls back left or a long distance anny S-curve and sometimes either choice. Birdie 3 is tough but 4 can be relatively routine as long as you hit the fairway on your drive. From my observation, only 2 out of 4 blue-gold players land in a decent enough position to have a reasonably clean second shot.
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Beat Comet on a turnover through the main bend, probably a Leopard or a Comet from there depending on my lie. Will play for 4 off the tee but I'll take a 3 if I can get it.
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x comet x3 or 4, putt'r
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