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Ok, local chiming in, just stumbled across this. Glad some of you already got to town to play. I'll try to work my way down the thread. March, you're not going to run into much in the way of grass, though the lodge does have tall grass (depending on when Jim mows it) off the fairways on some holes and blind shots combined with your first trip out there (I'm assuming) can cause for some disc hunting. Now, don't get me wrong, they're 100% awesome and our best courses in the state IMO, just wanted to give you fair warning. Mohawk does give you lots of bang for your buck, blackhawk (the more popular course at mohawk) is nearly entirely wooded, though about 30' wide in most spots on average. 1000 comes in usually at around 55 and the course is usually protected from the cold winds. Redhawk is more open and kinda plays like a story...the front nine want to rock you to sleep, though the holes increasingly get more difficult as you play. The back nine has more holes than not that are 500'+ and with the wind, you can hate your discs by the end of a day at mohawk. Scratch at red really depends on the wind. Very enjoyable courses overall, though very flat, especially compared to the lodge. And not far off 75.

So to sum up lodge vs mohawk, lodge definitely has the better courses, but is further off 75 (30' each way abouts) and is in the middle of nowhere (small towns are your only chance for a brewski). Mohawk courses are still quite challenging with an open and wooded course, you're more likely to find a local tour guide there and you're in the city.

Concerning our best course that isn't tight/heavily wooded (I know you've already visited), I'd say hunter. Blackhawk is our best but may not meet your wood requirements.

Concerning food and disc shopping, urbanspoon does pretty good as a recommendation for restaurants around town, just depends on what you're in the mood for and what you're willing to pay. I've not had a good experience at brothers hooligan either time I went, though steak stuffers is awesome. Disc shopping is more rare, at least for good prices. Hobbytown has lots of discs (almost exclusively innova, some discmania) but they're expensive, they have an average collection (nothing special besides innova volume) and the staff know nothing of DG. Play it again is down the road from there. Their manufacture selection is much better, though prices are still semi high and a lot of weights are 168 (they figured they'd just buy the middle weights assuming some sort of bell curve on weigh purchases I believe). They have a decent used pile and some collectors on the wall but nothing too crazy. You'd be best to hook up with some of the locals (FB Tulsa Disc Golf and Tulsa disc golf classifieds for groups) and if you're a serious buyer, we've got some people with awesome collections around here that will make you some good deals and meet you in town, potentially as a guide as well.

Fun fact for the Tulsa orc lover, the only two purple Tulsa orcs in existence are up for grabs in our current blackhawk league, for the second place overall winner.

You may simply show up at the lodge and play, it's certainly not uncommon. If you see the owners (their houses are further south, they have some workers for their company that stay up near the entrance that to my knowledge have nothing to do w/ DG), they're very friendly and many of us locals try to leave a few bucks (voluntary of course) if we see them to help with course maintenance (Jim does almost all of it himself and has even been known to go mow both courses for people letting him know they're coming). No worries about check in, knocking on doors or anything like that...they're happy to have guests.

I think that covers it all...again, the Tulsa Disc Golf group on FB is a good place to say "Hey I'd love to have a tour guide, beer after, any cash games going on" and get plenty of quick replies...I know very few people who spend much time on here but a huge majority spend time on there. People are friendly and happy to help out overall.
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