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Old 10-04-2012, 04:15 PM
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In 2000, when I started playing, I was looking for the 'best' disc for my game. I could only afford one at a time. So I went right past the stacks of CE plastic which I couldn't afford, and picked up a 'max diameter' Pro-D Tracer. Sharp wing profile, massive diameter, it ought to sail, right? O.o (At least it was a good roller) A few months later I added a Birdie. Still have them both. My game was garbage then, and still is.
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Trial and a lot of errors. I started off with a champ Banshee (which I loved) and a sonic (which I broke). From there I went through the stages -

1. Try all the popular innova stuff (valk, roc, aviar, etc.). Dislike it all because I'm new and don't know how to throw. Write off Midranges as flat plastic poo.

2. Buy a bunch of speed 12 and 13 discs. Proceed to crank them 300ft on a 45 degree anhyzer super flex. Realize I am a driving God.

3. Realize I am not a driving God. Stop buying speed 12 and 13 discs in favor of fairway drivers. Eventually lose all the uberspeeders. Lose all the fairways too because I'm used to 45 degree anhyzer super flex shots and Eagles have no truck with those.

4. Get shamed (on DGCR) into using my Roc and realizing everything I read on here is true. Go broke buying and trying mids.

5. ????

6. Profit.
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a hand me down climo cyclone(not this one but just like it)
and a borrowed xd for putting

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the first strategy i came up with was to find out what each disc did, find out what holes were in my bag, fill that hole, then experiment with discs i found intriguing until all holes were happily filled.

this thread is somewhat related

instead of asking the question "how did you aquire your discs" it asks "how would you do it if you could do it over"

those aren't the exact quotes but you get the gist. that old thread might give you some ideas.
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Originally Posted by BigSky View Post
My strategy was to buy every disc ever made.

Oh wait, that's still my strategy.
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I was at WalMart and I had a Gazelle and Raven in my hand (both DX). The Raven said Ultra Long Range Distance Driver. Cannot beat that can you? I also had a choice between a Rhyno and Aviar, and with the picture of a Rhyno more imposing than the words Aviar, I went with that. Within a few months I added the Gazelle, a Dragon, and a Goblin, all because of pictures. Then I found a different store that sold higher quality discs and I purchased a dyed X Predator and X XS. The XS was great but the Predator was way too much for me.

Lesson: Do not buy discs based upon pictures and dyes. I was 30 at the time (6 years ago) and I should have known better, but it actually took me a year before I even decided to check the internet for information. After some research, I tried out the ESP Avenger SS, Sirius Orion LS, Z Buzzz (bar stamp, modified Wasp), and a Champion Gator. All of which were perfect for my game at the time.
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When I started you were lucky to find any place selling them so you pretty much bought what they had. My first disc was a DX Barracuda. Next was a DX Raven and DX Birdie. Now I go off recommendation from here and the group I play with.
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Originally Posted by ManU View Post
no strategy
bought anything and just about everything
(looked at the flight chart..."I need a disc that does that flight"...while not being able to achieve such a flight with my ability)

only now do I have a strategy
because only now do I know what my throwing abilities are
because I have developed those abilities
and I know what discs I like
^This. My first disc was one of the most overstable drivers on the market. Bad move for a noob. Then I looked at the Innova flight charts thinking the same thing as ManU, and wound up buying a TL. Shortly after hyzering said TL into some weeds, I bought another one. Then I bought every other disc that caught my fancy (most of which are not in my bag anymore). As for plastics? I always went premium because I quickly learned that I preferred wooded courses because the trees gave me something to complain about if I had a bad round instead of blaming my lack of distance potential. I only carried DX for holes with high lost disc potential. That's still the only reason I ever carry base plastic.
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I know this will sound like off this world to you guys, but here is what I always do when I start something that I have no clue about :

I asked more experienced players and tried their discs.
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A wide variety of molds, manufacturers, & weights as long as they were tie dye.
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