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Old 10-04-2012, 04:21 PM
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Daddy got me on:
150 class shark

Used these as a child.
Then switched to dx orcs and discraft.
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I pretty much just bought the coolest looking discs i could find, tie dye, pearly plastic, anything else that looked neat. I wanna say my first discs were a cyclone 2, an XS, a storm and a Putt'r, shortly followed by the upshot
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i originally let my roommates straight up tell me what to throw. helped a ton. then i started buying ones that had sparklies in em. duh.

i still throw that first teebird that i bought at the advice of my roommate who had played for 10 years at the time.

now, i watch the new releases, but im generally un interested.
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Old 10-04-2012, 04:49 PM
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I used what ever was available at the time. I went with my experienced friend about 3 times and I used some discs he brought along. Then he just gave me some discs that he found playing and I think my first ever purchase of a disc was from Academy Sports. And I got a Star Katana. First disc ever and used it for everything then I went back and got a Birdie for putts. After playing and really getting into DG I basically started buying tons of X-outs at my local shop and wasn't able to do anything with em. Then I had my trial and error months but now I know what to look for. I have probably spent $400 on DG stuff and now too many discs to handle. Yay 5 months of playing!

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I had an Innova starter kit, but I lost the Cheetah that came with it (I think it was a Cheetah anyway). So I went and bought a Sidewinder because that's what my friends threw. I lost that by turning it over off a top of the world hole. I had a Champ Wraith that I found and used that, until I stopped playing for a while. I threw all sidearm, and I sucked (a good drive went about 175-200').

Then when I started playing again, I decided to take the sport seriously and become good at it. So I hit the forums and learned about disc speeds. I still didn't quite understand, but I bought a Sidewinder, a Buzzz, a River, a Comet, and some Wizards. I struggled to throw the discs straight, and developed a bad case of OAT because I couldn't even throw the Sidewinder right. I thought everything was ok because I was getting the Sidewinder and River to go straight, but couldn't get them much past 225'. I was afraid to throw the Comet, and never threw the putters outside the circle.

Then I took a step back, and really disced down. I only threw the Comet and Wizards. I bought a Teebird and Leopard, but never used the Teebird because I knew I wasn't throwing it right. I did this until I could throw the Comet straight and use my Wizards, then I started throwing drivers (Leopard first, then Teebird, then the Sidewinder, etc.).

That's how I arrived at my current setup: I swapped the Wizards out for an Ion/Anode combo (could go back to Wizards of course), I throw the Comet and Buzzz all the time (just added some overstable mids too), I throw the Leopard, Teebird, added OLFs for overstable distance, put the Sidewinder back in, and I'm working on warp speed discs with the Katana.

My bag's pretty close to what I thought it would be even though I didn't quite understand how each disc was supposed to work. I'm still using pretty much all the discs I bought when I first started--it's just taken me a while to figure out how to use them!
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Originally Posted by barneco View Post
At the very first opportunitdy, I bought a Groove.
do not I repeat do not do this.......innova should buy them back
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Yeah, cool names. Viper? Sold. Firebird? Sold. Marauder? **** yeah.

Nowadays it's based on gaps in my bag or what disc is best for me in a given slot.

Oh how the times have changed.
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When my friends and I went to buy discs my first buy was a DX Aviar, DX Wolf and DX Destroyer. I didn't see any flight charts or anything and knew I would want a driver, mid range and putter.

I caught the DG bug way more than they all did and got online after a few incredibly frustrating rounds. I saw the information about throwing slower speeds so I switched those out eventually for a DX Cro and Millennium JLS. That was a good decision.
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Originally Posted by BigSky View Post
My strategy was to buy every disc ever made.

Oh wait, that's still my strategy.
It took me 3 years to get out of that phase
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Well when I first started, I was a noob and didn't know what I was doing. My strategy was something like this....

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