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Old 10-04-2012, 10:13 PM
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Originally Posted by barneco View Post
At the very first opportunity, I bought a Groove.
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I looked at flight charts a lot. Studied online. Then proceeded to forget all that information and bought everything I could put in my hands. To this day, I have 3-4 Rubbermaid containers filled with various discs that I dislike quite greatly.
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I jumped on ebay and looked for the cheapest lots of discs, resulting in a kid who couldn't throw over 250 feet keeping several warp speed drivers in my bag.
I still will pick up plastic that looks awesome, even if it doesn't fit well with my current set up.

I mostly read reviews of the discs on sites like this and DGR and plan accordingly.

Do NOT trust flight charts... at least till you are throwing 350ish feet. On a good day I can throw 450+ and I finally am seeing some of the true flight of the faster drivers.
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When I finally got around to buying my own discs, I pretty much stuck to buying a sampling of most of the molds of a single manufacturer. I thought buying discs from multiple manufacturers would inevitably have me buying the same disc twice.
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Raven, raven, raven
Cobra, cobra, cobra

Found disc x25

About 5-6 years in I finally learned about discs lol.
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Originally Posted by Smigles View Post
I know this will sound like off this world to you guys, but here is what I always do when I start something that I have no clue about :

I asked more experienced players and tried their discs.
This. Don't be afraid to engage others in conversation. I as well as many are proud of the discs they carry and will gladly explain our entire bag to you. If someone's throwing a disc that you've never seen, ask about it.
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To replace my Wham-O Freestyle 165gm with a DX Shark and an Aviar. The game changed big time.
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I started out with a dv valk and star aviar driver that my friends dad gave me trying to get me into the sport. That was about a year and a half before I actually started playing. One summer day I decided to buy the starter set at Dicks and take my brother to play. Lost the leo the same day but found a force. Torqued the snot out of it and was parking a 300 ft hole and was hooked. Asked my friends (the ones that gave me the discs) what to go buy at play it again. Was told beast, valk, viking, sidewinder, boss.....they said to get em all. So I did. About a month in I was reading dgreview and proceeded to throw aviar, buzzz, leo for a year but still bought everything under the sun to try in the field even if I was forcing myself to not throw them in rounds. I now stick to buying molds I throw if I find a good price on them or if I'm wanting to fill a new slot in my bag.
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Step one nukes I mean wow why not it look awesome and my buddies are like yeah dude you'll dig that as I power shanked it might as well of been a boomerang. So After I decided that I bought a crumby disc cause there is no way my fault I bought another awesome disc a destroyer. With a name like that it has to be good. Once again boomerang. I settled down and did some research. found out my friends struggled to throw this stupid high speed discs. Picked up a buzzz and a rhyno and haven't looked back.
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Until 2002, I'd never played disc golf with anything other than a 175 Ultimate disc, though I'd first played "Frisbee" golf in '79. In the last 10 years I've had more than 120 discs pass through my hands.

Gumbputt[yeah, so what?]
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