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Thanks, Dad
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^ wow that might of been the best.

Are you unable to participate for forum reasons or for real life reasons?
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real life reasons.
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Originally Posted by TOURNEYPLAYER View Post
yes it was. I dont know if you can tell from the pic, but there is a CE Valk and a 11x KCpro Roc.
Yea, I feel like I'd be ever indebted to my SS if I got something even close to that
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Likes: I love taffy plastic. I throw pretty hard so over stable drivers are the ones for me, I would like to try a Westside king at some point. I like way too many different discs to list them, just surprise me

Dislikes: Since I throw hard I do not do too well with understable discs. That being said I throw Cheetahs and Valks for when I do need an accurate anhyzer.

Shirt: L or XL (more an XL but I plan on moving to a L, hopefully)
Hat: L
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I'm going to update my wants:
DX Gators (BAR STAMPS ONLY) 160-175 also would take CFR if heavy, NO GLO's Please!
Ghosts any unique black first runs or any
Volt any ( I may throw these)
voodoos (used are fine)
SPD's any
CPD's any
PD2's Blizzard specifically but c-line and s-line
circle stamp stingray (trying to get my wife back into discgolf)
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Just signed up...

I will be happy with whatever is sent. I am joining because I had fun with the last few and I have a bunch to give away.

My shirt size is XL and I imagine my hat is the same for my jumbo dome. I like pink discs. I am over 21 (for those that send that sort of thing). I would like to try MVP mids, volt, or possibly discmania or Lat64 stuff. I mostly throw discraft with the MVP putters and a few innova sprinkled in. Seriously, I will be stoked with anything. I am just happy to see the Christmas cheer being spread around.
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Just signed up.

Dislikes: I don't really like floppy putters or anything vulcan topped, I also don't really wear hats.

Likes: Star Destroyers! (Especially domey and stable, S/DS and starlite are my absolute FAVORITES). flat champ firebirds, Z buzzzes, Zones, KC rocs... although I have a zillion, I like wizards (so maybe something unique?)

Might like to try: s-PD2, Star XCalibur, Some kind of premium Whippet? I dont know.... I always like trying new stuff but am not really into vibram plastic and am not a huge fan of mvp although I fondled a volt that sparked my interest.... Really, I'll be happy with anything.

Shirt size: Im kind of between a L and XL, so a big L or a small XL if that makes sense.

....and if my SS just happens to send beer, I would be perfectly fine with that. Especially if you are from Kansas City. If so, you know what I want.
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SS Update

Would like to try and throw:
Paul Mcbeth champ flat top roc non F2 is possible or current run(supposed to be in Nov)-175g-178g
GL Saints between 170-172G--no gold--pearly is a plus
GL rivers between 168g-171g--no gold--pearly is a plus
MVP Volt between 170-172G
C-PD between 170-172G
Champ Gators between 173-175G
11x Gazelles at 172G opaque and bright color
ESP Comets between 167-170G
4x-5x Valks between 166-168g
Pre flight number stamp champ vikings flat and marked VG between 171G-173g
11x or 12x pre flight rating stamp teebirds between 171-173G
C-line FD(jackal)-171-173G--pearly is a plus

Colour Preferences (in order):
Bright Pink
Dayglow yellow
Neon orange

Shirts L
Hats L
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I am updating my SS list in my sig.
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I'm just wondering if there are any reputable members that would be willing to vouch for me on this one? I've got some really cool plastic I've been saving up for this.
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