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37 and counting
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Originally Posted by Stevo View Post
Halos, 1st Flight Hurricanes, Saints, Firebirds, Rivers, Buzzzs, Fuses, Sentinels, Zones, Pures, Jokeri (already plural?). My drivers are all under 174 and my mids tend to be max weight or close. Pures (especially fond of Zero) for putting in the 172-173 range. This is what I throw, but I'm always down to try something different. Bright colors (especially pink) are a plus.

Shirts I wear a L or XL, flexfit hats L/XL.

I would love to try an Opto Air Halo (the lighter the better) and anything by Legacy (no good local selection).

I am also a huge Star Wars nerd and big fan of Calvin and Hobbes.

Dislikes: Football, asparagus, and Michael Bay movies.
I would really like to try some new molds, but would of course be grateful for something I throw. I am interested in trying anything by Legacy, PDs, MD2s, and a Volt. Tourney stamps from your area are cool as are local craft beers. All local swag from your area is really cool, actually. In addition to my passion for Star Wars and Calvin & Hobbes, I play guitar, practice Krav Maga, and have 2 awesome dogs that like to join me for DG (when it's not too hot here in Houston).
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Originally Posted by jcrab66 View Post
In 2 times, looking forward to hooking up my receipients:

What I throw: 11X teebirds, 11X eagles (L), mamba, sidewinder, river, firebird (L), orc, blizz wraith, buzzz, comet, zone, magic

Drivers from 155-170 g, Mids 171-175, putters 171-174

Would like to try: any understable speed 9 or below non innova / discraft
, prefer equivalent of Champ or Z plastic

Dislikes: Vibram products, anything higher than speed 9 (except mamba or blizz plastic), super premium innova or discraft plastic(Star or ESP)

Shirts - XL

Hats - dont care for them although a DG related beanie would be good for the winter

Swag - I like interesting local or regional specialty jerkys and chips as well as hoppy beers. I also like minis with specific tourney or course stamps and other event specific items

I will be happy with whatever i get, thanks in advance for your kindness Santa!
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Originally Posted by sgamerp View Post
if I have you, I am going to print off like 300 pictures of redheaded people and an Andrew WK party mix ;-p.
I hope you get me now. I wanna open that at work.
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Finally managed to meet requirements for this year. I'm in twice this year.

I am a disc dyer so I prefer premium plastic in white or clear. Also a fan of pink or other light colors

I throw mostly foreign plastic. Lots of Latitude, Westside, and Prodiscus.

Recently lost my Premium Prodiscus Midari and Premium Legenda. Love to try the Slaidi.
Would love to try the Westside Warship.
Would love to try the Latitude saint, halo, xxx, trident, blitz, or bolt.
Would love more TM2, eze, GL or Opto Pures

I prefer gold line over opto, but like both.

Drivers usually around 170, mids around 175, putters any weight.

Would also love to try MVP plastic and Legacy plastic.

I wear a large shirt and flex fit hats. Anything else is totally awesome.

Please do not feel like you need to get anything off this list. This is just a wish list and I will be thrilled with absolutely anything you can do. Thank you very much.
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Just got signed up. I have some good ideas for this years gift. What I throw:
Domey Star Katanas, Z Nuke, Leopard, Buzzz, Ion, Wizard. Items I would like to get back into the bag: Valk, Road Runner, Sidewinder. shirt:XL I like stickers from different clubs and companies for my toolbox at work. I like the Colts and the Red Sox. I also am an avid waterfowl hunter. I prefer bright colors, but I am down to throw about any color.
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Would like to try and throw:
GL Saints between 170-172G--no gold--pearly is a plus
MVP Volt between 170-172G
C-PD between 170-172G
Champ Gators between 173-175G
11x Gazelles 170G+
ESP Comets between 167-170G
Pre flight number stamp/4x-5x Valks between 167-172G
Pre flight number stamp champ vikings
11x or 12x pre flight rating stamp teebirds between 170-173G
I get being generous and what not, but most of those discs are fairly expensive and pretty exact, if I received this person as a giver I would have no earthly idea what to give this person since I do not have any of those discs to give out... and there are no alternatives supplied so I would have no idea...
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1st time in this, should be a blast!
Drivers 170+ mids 175+ putters 173+
Like:Teebirds, leopards, saints, rocs, r-pro and kc pro avairs
Dislike: Disccraft and high speed drivers
Want to try: Really wanting to try a wizard(really soft preferably) And I wouldn't mind trying some westside or another lat64 disc, throwing a gl saint now

shirt L
no hat (don't wear them)

If you can think of something cool you'd think I'd like, feel free, I'm pretty open. I'm a huge Notre Dame fan. Either way, I'm just pumped that I can be apart of this!

Last edited by joem914; 10-15-2012 at 08:44 PM. Reason: added weights
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Originally Posted by B3NDER View Post
Thanks for putting this on again Trenton! I am sitting this one out, but I'm glad you're taking the time to keep the legend alive!
I really enjoyed participating last X-mas. Being fairly new to DG and this forum, it was rewarding to see all of the good will and I got some nice swag. My wife is going through some stuff at her job so I'll have to sit this one out too. Thanks for putting it on again. I'll just have live vicariously through all the posts.
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I only throw ABC Discs so anything else will go to my wife which is fine. Hat L, shirt XL.
I do collect autographs, bag tags, minis, and cool stamped discs for my wall.
Other stuff would be blu-ray, hermit crab, and PIXAR.

I'm only in it for the fun so please don't stress!
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